Possible solutions of Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Critical analysis upon Energy Crisis in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is going through a very tough time because of the energy crisis, the economy of the state is adversely affected with this shortfall and it is being observed that increasing unemployment and decreasing per capita income of the state has also being the point of focus and alarming for the state. Although these problems are several but still if proper step are taken and appropriate solutions are being adopted we can get rid of this very crucial problem.

Possible solutions of Energy Crisis in PakistanThe very basic solution of the energy crisis is to develop new ways and sources of generating energy in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is being blessed with numerous minerals and resources which might be very useful in developing the energy. The very powerful source which is being adopted in many of the developed countries is through the solar energy. The solar panels are used which converts the direct sunlight emitted from the sun and transforms it in to the electrical energy which might be used to run several other processes. Sunlight is one source which will never come to an end so it could be an ultimate source of energy if it is being utilized properly.

Wind energy is also a very convenient source of generating energy and once the setup is being established than it can produce very economical energy. The only requirement is to create the series of wind mills on such areas where the average wind speed is high and there are so many ideal locations for this setup to get built. Nuclear energy is also a very much powerful and competent source for generating the power and for solving the power crisis in Pakistan. At modern age Nuclear energy is being used as the major source of generating energy in many of the countries of the world which includes USA, China, Russia and even UK.

In Pakistan the main emphasis is being made on the hydro power generation in which water is being used to generate the energy so in account of this source we can built more dams and reservoirs which might give a further enhancement and up boost in the energy production of the country.

Relying only on the petrol and CNG it will not be a good option as these resources might come to extinct very soon because of such high consumption of these resources. So for that purpose Pakistan should focus on the extraction of Coal and utilizing it because it is being stated that Pakistan is one of those leading countries which have the highest reserves of Coal and other minerals which are still to be discovered.

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