How to Improve Education System in Pakistan

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan is the biggest question in every Pakistani Mind.Education is one source which can single handedly turns the fortune for any nation and can be the best and most appropriate solution for any of the respective problem any state is going through. Pakistan is one of those countries which are going through so many problems and it cannot be wrong to say that the nation is being surrounded by several threatening problems, amongst such problems education problem is on the top of the list and it is the fact that many of the problems have been created due to the deficiency of education in the local public.

Education System in PakistanThere are so many sub-problems in this regard of education which must be resolved on high priority because they are critical. There are so many issues which should be addressed so that the education should prevail in the country. The every basic issue is that the country has relevant policies regarding the educational practices but they are not followed. As per the Article 25-A in the constitution of Pakistan it is the duty of the governing body to provide free quality education to the age group of 5 years to 16 years, but this is not being practiced. So to improve the education the basic step is that the education should be made compulsory and in this regard government should come forward and play its vital role so that this basic problem should be resolved.

The other very core educational problem in Pakistan is that there is no unity in the curriculum of the institutions. Each institution has its own body which develops and designs the curriculum as it is the wrong strategy. The ministry of education should design the curriculum and then should make sure that all the institutions should follow it. This is because through such differentiation the level of education gets disturbed and at the same level and age group the unity disappears, so it is very much crucial to bring unanimity and solidarity in the curriculum to improve the educational system of the country.

In Pakistan there are two major educational systems followed which includes the national educational system that includes Matric and Intermediate while the second is British Educational system that comprises of O-Levels and A-Levels. This is very unfortunate that the educational system has two classes which are being differentiated on the basis of economic and financial strengths. And this creates disparities and enhances the complex in the students at the very young age, which remains in their mind throughout their lives. On this concern the government should come forward and should bring unity in the educational system as all the people should have one educational system either poor or rich as this will also eliminate the class system in the country and ultimately will bring unity and prosperity for the state.

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