Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Print Online SNGPL Bill Check

Here you can get the interesting update the sui gas duplicate bill print online on SNGPL  and bill check that is the best services by given the Pakistan sui gas company.  In every month the Sui Northern Gas pipeline limited issued bill as per actual meter reading recording by the meter installed and calculated as per rates notified by oil and Gas regulatory for all categories of consumers. Now every citizen of Pakistan can check the sui Gas bill in home through the internet simply Enter your Domestic or commercial number that are given on your bill you can get the current bill are old bill record.

Sui Northern Gas pipelines Limited was incorporated as a private limited company in 1963 and converted into a public limited company in January 1964 under the companies Act 1913. This is the largest gas company serving more than 4.2 million consumers in north Central Pakistan through an extensive network in Punjab, Kyber Pakhtoon khwa and azad jammu kasmir it is certified against ISO. They extends transmission from sui in Baluchistan to Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtoon khwa comprising over 7,654 KM of transmission System main line and loop line.

Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Print Online SNGPL Bill Check

Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Print Online SNGPL

How to get your Sui Gas Duplicate Bill or Check SNGPL Bill Online:

There are two possibilities that either you are confused about that the bill send to you has some error so that is why you could check your bill online that either these two bills matches each other or not. The second condition is that you did not receive your Sui Gas Bill of this year and you are worry about that if you have not paid your bill then the company will disconnect your Sui Gas Connection. On both the Conditions you need to check your bill online.

Initially their is no such service and consumer have to visit the Sui gas office to correct things but now within few second while sitting at home you would be able to check your Sui Gas Bill Online and even can print your Duplicate bill easily.

Enter your Domestic or commercial number that are given on your bill Here

Click Here 

Just click on the image and it will be showed to you in bigger size what you need to do is take a print of this New SNGPL Connection Application Form fill with the required information and then submit it to your nearest Sui Gas office. After that you application would be in process and when your time comes a connection will be provided to you the persons relevant.

Sui Northern Gas New Connection Application Form



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  1. Sultan Ali

    Aug 21. 2015

    I enter my consumer number but bill for the month of July,2015 is not available.

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    Jul 22. 2015

    I am entering the consumer no but the duplicate bill is not availabile plz help

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    • Abdullah Liaqat

      Jul 25. 2015

      sometime due to overload link down so try after few movements and hours. thanks

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  3. Sajjad Khan

    Jul 14. 2015

    I want my current bills. when i enter my consumer bills that No result fund please help me

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  4. Name (required)

    Sep 24. 2014

    i 2 giving my consumer no. but no bill find why

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  5. nuzhat arshad

    Sep 09. 2014

    non issuence of the bill since last 5 months neither on web site
    when ever complained nor a satisfing reply

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  6. Zeeshan Rafiq

    Sep 03. 2014

    Respected sir…This is humble repuest to you that please update your necessary data on web so everyone can check easily

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  7. Muhammad Akram Bilal

    Aug 23. 2014

    I last month bill was not delivered to me now I am entering my consumer no to get the duplicate bill but no response, kindly tell me what to do

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  8. Jaffar Naqvi

    Aug 11. 2014

    Unable to view bill online…..this issue has been present since the last two months….will someone please reply?

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  9. rashid ahmed

    Aug 07. 2014

    I tried to
    find my bill but there was no response even after a long wait.

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  10. arshad mahmood

    Aug 05. 2014

    I am entering my consumer no 39928620002 but bill is not available ?? help pl

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  11. Hamza Ali

    Aug 04. 2014

    I am entering the who consumer No or Old no but it is unable to display the Bill.

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  12. Ghulam Hussain

    Jul 25. 2014

    Entered cunsumer no. But Bill is not available.
    Plz Check and reply as soon as possible.


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  13. shahid hussain

    Jul 17. 2014

    mera duplicate bill comuter me nahi aaraha hi is ko hal karo

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  14. Muhammad Siddique

    Jul 11. 2014

    I am entering the consumer no but the duplicate bill is not availabile plz help

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  15. khalid waheed

    Jun 26. 2014

    sir mara es month ka bil nahi mila

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  16. Ahsanullah Rana

    Jun 12. 2014

    I am entering my consumer number carefully to view my bill but no success. Similar was the position regarding last month’s bill.

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  17. maaz

    Jun 07. 2014

    No sngpl duplicate bill available. why?

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  18. khizar hayat

    May 12. 2014

    I am entering the consumer No, Butt bill is not avavilable onlline // Plz healp me

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  19. Name (required)

    May 08. 2014

    i lost my bill plzzzz help me for duplicate bill

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  20. zahid mehmood

    May 02. 2014

    sir mera is month ka bil nae mila mera consumr # 79458479908 zahid mahmood s/o sharif azizabad burewala

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  21. Dr. Umar Hayat

    May 01. 2014

    I am entering the consumer No, but the bil is not available online?? plz help me.

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  22. mrs mussarat zaidi

    Apr 13. 2014

    Dear Sir,
    I want to see my bill online,my Consumer # is 90132230005
    My address is H.No. 41 Lane 1C Judicial Colony Chaklala

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  23. Malik hamid mukhtar ahmad

    Mar 09. 2014

    I am entering the consumer No, Butt bill is not avavilable onlline // Plz healp me

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  24. Syed Munir Ahmad

    Feb 19. 2014

    Khai, Distt.M.B.Din

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  25. Tayyaba mazhar

    Feb 14. 2014

    i am entring the consumer no. but billl is not avavliable online ?? help plz

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  26. muhammad azhar

    Feb 12. 2014

    I would like to thanks for this kindness

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  27. azhar rasheed

    Jan 24. 2014

    bill jan 2014

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  28. mushtaq ahamd

    Jan 15. 2014

    duplicate bill lahore

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