Zong Tiktok Package Code 2022 Unsubscribe

Due to its cheap and affordable offers and packages, Zong Tiktok Package Code 2022 Unsubscribe is the most desired communication network in Pakistan. So if you are looking for the Zongtiktok Package Code 2022 Unsubscribe method, then you’ve chosen the right place. Zong always gives first priority to its users through call packages, SMS packages, and internet bundle offers. You can get this package on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As everyone knows in this era, Tiktolk is one of the most entertaining mediums not only in Pakistan but also all around the world. Through this platform, you can see different funny and serious short videos. Before this offer, you could see all the videos at the standard rate. Now Zong entertains their users with this new TikTok bundle offer in 2022.

Zong Tiktok Package Code 2022

For the first time in Pakistan, Zong introduced the Tiktok package for their Tiktok users. This package includes daily, weekly, and monthly offers at reasonable prices. Here we tell you the full details of these 3 offers one by one. so that you can easily get Zongtiktok Package Code 2022 Unsubscribe.

Zong Tiktok Package Daily Code

Zong Tiktok Package Code Unsubscribe:

Zong Tiktok Unsubscribe Code SMS (UNSUB WTTO) 6123

Zong always works on the front foot in every field of social welfare. Zong also provides wagon service, student scholarships, and takes part in planting trees for the purpose of global warming. Besides this, we also see their participation in other fields and make their name with hard work. Recently, he came with a brand new package, Zongtiktok Package Code 2022 Unsubscribe.

Zong Tiktok Package Daily Code:

You can enjoy Tiktok with Zong’s daily offer, and here we tell you the full details of activation. The two packages are available on a daily basis, and the activation code is the same, but the charges are different. The charges for this offered range from Rs 17 to Rs 38. This offer is only available for one day.

Package Name Price Mbs Code
Daily bundle Rs:17 100 *6464#
Maximum daily bundle Rs:38 500 *6464#

Zong Tiktok Weekly Package Code:

Here we talk about the Zong weekly TikTok bundle offer, which is available for 51 rupees and includes 2GB of internet data for the use of TikTok on a weekly basis.

Package Name Price Internet Data Validity Code
Zong Tiktok Weekly Package Rs:51 2 GB 7 Dys *6O6#

 How to Subscribe Zong Tiktok Weekly Package:

You can subscribe to this package with this simple method which is mentioned below.

  • Go to the message box and write SUB WTTO
  • After this send this message at 6123
  • So after this method, you will activate your Zong weekly TikTok offer
  • To check the remaining bundle dial: *102#

Zong Weekly Tiktok Package Unsubscribe Code:

If you are not interested in continuing with this package, there is an option to unsubscribe with a simple method like this

  • Go to the message box and write (UNSUB WTTO)
  • After this send this message at 6123

Zong Tiktok Package Monthly Code 2022:

If you want to subscribe to the Zong Tiktok Package Monthly package, then you must follow the simple steps and the package details are given there. Different packages and charges are included in these packages.

Zong monthly Tiktok Package

So here we will try to explain the full detail of these packages in a simple way. Furthermore, you can also visit Zong official site to verify Zong Tiktok Package Code 2022 Unsubscribe


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