Zong Super Internet Package 2021 Daily Weekly Monthly

Nowadays, Zong is considered as the only 4G technology network that is offering the best packages to its customers and it has the best Zong Super Internet Package 2021 Daily Weekly Monthly. Here, you can get the activation method and other important details that will helpful for your information. Zong provides high-speed internet through its best Super Internet Offers package you can get a wonderful experience through these packages where you can get the fastest speed of internet, streaming of all favorite movies, videos, and many more that you want from Zong internet services. Remember one thing these days high competition between telecom companies that is the reason each telecom company wants to provides cheap internet packages but Zong provides unique internet packages through Super 4G monthly, daily and weekly internet Packages and that is the reason Pakistani telecom users show interest in these offers now in below we want to give further details about Zong Super Internet Packages as well as with the details that how to activate Zong Internet on your given package.

Zong Super Internet Package 2021 Daily Weekly Monthly

All the Zong customers must know some important points about Zong net Packages 2021. Like there are different daily, weekly, and monthly packages. You can subscribe to any of them under some terms & conditions that are written in this post below. If you have an android phone, you must make Zong Android Settings, and then your mobile will be conveniently run with Zong internet.

Zong Super Internet Package 2021 Daily Weekly Monthly

Zong Super Internet Packages Daily

Zong is offering more than one Zong Daily Internet packages in Pakistan. All Zong users can activate any of these packages by using the procedure which is given in the below section in front of every Zong Internet PKGs. So check the Internet Package daily if your network is Zong.

Package Name Volume Charges Validity Subscription Code 
Zong Daily Basic Internet Package100 MBRS 151 Day*6464#
Zong Daily Data Max Internet Package500 MBRS 35+Tax1 day*6464#
Zong Daily Day Time Offer1200 MBRS 164am to 7 pm*6464#
Zong Daily Good Night Offer2500 MBRS 151am to 9 am*6464#

Zong Super Internet Packages Weekly

Zong is also offering Zong Weekly Internet Packages in Pakistan to its customers. Like Zong Daily Packages, there are also more than one Zong Weekly Packages that are being offered to Zong customers by this company. So check the details of the package by clicking on the below links.

Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Zong Super Weekly Internet Package2.5 GBRS 1207 Days*6464#
Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Package5 GBRS 1567 Days*6464#
Zong Super Weekly Max Internet Package10 GBRS 2007 Days*220#
Zong Super Weekly Plus7 GBRS 1607 Days*20#

Zong Monthly Super Internet Packages

Zong is not only offering Zong daily, and weekly net packages but also offering Zong Monthly Internet Packages. Now users can activate these internet packages every month to enjoy the 4G internet.

Package Name VolumeChargesValiditySubscription Code
Zong Monthly Mini 150 Internet Package150 MBRS 5030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Basic 500 Internet Package500 MBRS 15030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Premium 3 GB Internet Package3 GBRS 30030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly Premium 30GB Internet Package30 GBRS 74430 Days*6464#
Zong Data Share 3G/4G5 GBRS 50030 Days*6464#
Zong Monthly 12GB Package12 GBRS 75030 Days*6464#
Zong Data Share 3G/4G 10GB Package10 GBRS 90030 Days *6464*5#

Zong Internet Packages Activation Procedure:

By following this procedure, a person can activate Zong Internet Packages.

  • To Activate: Dial *6464# for the activation menu.
  • Select the offer you want to activate and then reply with the subscribe option.
  • You will receive the package activation message at the moment.

How to check Zong Internet Bundle Remaining MBs:

If you are using a Zong sim and looking for How to check Zong Internet Package Remaining Mbs can get detail from here. So just follow the below method to check the remaining MBS in your account. You can also check either a package is activated on your Sim or not through this method.

  • Open Your Call Dialer
  • Dial *102#
  • Press Call Button
  • Your remaining MBs will be displayed on your Screen
  • If you don’t have subscribed to any package then it will show nothing
  • You can also check which package is activated through *102#

How To Deactivate Zong Internet Packages:

To deactivate your current offer, dial *6464#, and after selecting the offer that you want to deactivate, reply with the option unsubscribe. Or, if you have subscribed to the daily/weekly/monthly offer, then the deactivation procedure is following:

  • To deactivate the daily max offer, dial *5#.
  • For the deactivation of the Weekly internet package, dial *2*2#.
  • The monthly internet offers unsubscribed automatically after the completion of its time. But you can unsubscribe at any time by calling 310 and then dial 0 to talk with the customer care presenter. You can also send Unsub to 909 to deactivate any Internet Package by Zong.

Zong Super Internet Key features:

  • Unmatched internet Speed
  • Uninterrupted Streaming
  • Watch online Favorite Movies
  • Fastest Downloads
  • Fun and entertaining Games
  • Ease Connectivity

you can also check Zong 4g device Packages


How I check my Zong Internet package?

Dial *102# and reply with 4 to check your remaining internet package.

How to Check Zong Remaining MBs?

You can check the remaining MBs by dialing *102#.

What is Out of Bundle Rate?

When your Internet data of the offer ends, the out of bundle rate is Rs.1/MB.

How can I subscribe to Zong 15 days Internet Package?

  • Zong Combo Pack:
  • Volume: 3000MBs & 50 Minutes for all networks
  • Price: Rs.200+tax
  • Activation Code: *15#

How can I activate Zong 30GB?

  • Zong Super Weekly Premium Offer
  • Activation Code: 330
  • Price: Rs. 300
  • Volume: 30GB internet, 100 all net minutes
  • Validity: 7 days

How can I subscribe to Zong 50GB?

  • Zong Mega Data Offer:
  • Volume: 50GB internet from 1AM to 9AM
  • Price: Rs. 74.38
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Activation Code: *808#

How can I get free GB on Zong?

Download My Zong App from Play Store and get free 4GB internet.

How can I activate the Zong Internet package?

Dial *6464# and check all the top internet packages and subscribe to the best one.

These are all the details about Zong Super Internet Package 2021 Daily Weekly Monthly. Now, if you want other details and if you have any queries then just drop your comment in the below box and get a detailed reply as soon as possible.


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