timepay, mobi cash, easy paisa service charges Rates

Timepey, mobi cash, easy paisa service charges Rates are briely explain on this post after reading this you can easily understand the method or charges rate.  In modern world technology are very improved day by day and lot of companies provide innovative services and in competition race companies introduce the cheap rate charges against services so we give table chart you can easily understand the best cheap rate against services.

timepay, mobi cash, easy paisa service charges Rates


Timepey service provides by Zong and Askari Bank Limited the aims to the forerunner and leader in the mobile commerce regime of Pakistan and become a part of customer’s every day. Time pay is a service that adds the much awaited convenience to people lives. The three main services offered include Utility Bill Payment, Mobile Account and funds Transfer. Now anyone can pay the utility bills at their convenience. Through Timepey you can get these services like Fund Transfer, Utility Bill Payment, and Cash deposit to Timepay Account, Cash withdrawal from Timepey Account, Salary Disbursement and Mobile Balance Top Up.

Easy paisa:

Easypaisa launged by the telenor nut Easypaisa is not just Limited to Telenor  Subscribers it available for all mobile phone user. In fact without mobile Phones can equally enjoy Easypaisa  products. with Easypaisa customer have access to the easlest way to conduct their financial transaction, whether they are related to paying bills, sending, receiving money within Pakistan, receiving money from abroad, purchasing airtime for their mobile phone or giving donations etc. No longer do people have to travel long distance wait in long queues at post offices or banks or be constrained by limited working hours. now easypaisa introduce ATM card.

Mobilink has always been at the service of the Pakistani nation, as the first mobile service provider of Pakistan. Mobilink has partnered with Waseela microfinance bank to mark its entry into the branchless banking segment. The innovative product parcel of Mobicash gives the people of Pakistan complete financial liberation that they have always wanted in life.


With Mobicash, customers have access to the simplest way to conduct their financial transactions, whether they are related to paying bills, sending/receiving money within Pakistan, purchasing top ups for their cell phones. The limitless boundaries, no more waiting in long ques, post offices or even banks, is all possible through Mobicash to serve you at your convenience. Any person can use Mobicash services by visiting their nearest Mobilink franchise, customer care center or Mobicash retailer.Approved by the state bank of Pakistan, everyone can enjoy secure branchless banking services through Mobicash with instant transactions.

Rate compression chart


Transaction Slabs (PKR)

Zong TimePey

Mobilink Mobicash

Telenor Easypaisa

0 – 1,000 Rs. 60 Rs. 60 Rs. 60
1,001 – 2,500 Rs. 120 Rs. 120 Rs. 120
2,501 – 4,000 Rs. 170 Rs. 180 Rs. 180
4,001 – 6,000 Rs. 230 Rs. 240 Rs. 240
6,001 – 8,000 Rs. 290 Rs. 300 Rs. 300
8,001 – 10,000 Rs. 350 Rs. 350 Rs. 360
10,001 – 13,000 Rs. 400 Rs. 400 Rs. 420
13,001 – 15,000 Rs. 450 Rs. 450 Rs. 480

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