How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr In Pakistan In Urdu

Here we are telling you the complete procedure about how to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan in Urdu. It will be easier now for you to get your money from a Fiver account from all over Pakistan. Well, Fiverr is an online earning source that doesn’t provide a debit or a credit card. You sign up with Fiver and start providing your service and in return Fiverr pay you for it. The money or cash you earned from Fiverr is transferred into your account which you can withdraw from your Payoneer master card or Paypal debit card. So here in this post, I have discussed this method in a very simple and easy way. After reading this post you will be able to easily withdraw your Fiverr money from any bank without paying those charges or any hazard. So just have a look at the below-written tutorial in Urdu about How to withdraw money from Fiverr in Pakistan Urdu.

How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr

There are different ways you can withdraw your money from your account. Here below, you can check this in Urdu as well as in English. First, you can get it in Urdu and the procedure is given in the picture below. It can be used to check the details in Urdu.

how to withdraw money from fiverr in Pakistan In Urdu

Steps to Withdraw Money from Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelancing website on which you deliver your services in different categories like web designing, digital marketing, writing and editing,  programming and technology. So, when you deliver your services in any of these fields, Fiverr gives you rewards in return for your services in the form of money which you can withdraw through the following methods.

  1. Through PayPal

PayPal is not an easier way to withdraw money from Fiverr and the other thing is, it is not available in Pakistan for a common user. So here we are skipping the Paypal methods will discuss it in the other post. So read the following method with is most use full in this way…

  1. Through Payoneer

Payoneer is an online money transferring website in Pakistan. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy services in Pakistan to transact online money for online businesses, blog holders and online shopping.

  • Go to Payoneer’s official website to sign-up for free.
  • Enter your complete information including bank account details and click on submit.
  • Your Payoneer master card will be delivered to your given address.
  • When you receive your card you have to log in to your Payoneer account and enter the card number for activation of your account.
  • When your account is activated and verified then you can use this card for withdrawing money from Fiverr.
  • You can tap or click on the following link for getting the Payoneer activation method.

How to Attach Payoneer Card with Fiverr

Once your Payoneer master card has been activated you have to perform the following steps as written below:

  • Go to your Fiverr profile and click on the “selling” tab
  • Click on the “Revenue” option and choose the “Withdrawing money”
  • In the withdrawing money tab, you will see the option of “Fiverr revenue card”
  • Now you can add your Payoneer card details
  • After entering your Payoneer master card details just click on the login button and that’s it
  • Now you can use your card for withdrawing Fiverr money at any bank’s ATM

How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr In Pakistan In Urdu


How can I withdraw money from my Fiverr account in Pakistan?

Go to the selling tab on the Fiverr profile. There you have to click on the Revenue option and after choosing withdrawing money, you will see the Fiverr Revenue Card option where you have to add your Payoneer card. Now, you can use your card to withdraw money.

How can I transfer money from Fiverr to a bank account in Pakistan?

Click on the Revenue Card option or Bank Transfer in the Earning tab of Fiverr. It will transfer Fiverr funds to the Payoneer account.

What is the rate of Payoneer in Pakistan?

Payoneer Card fees in Pakistan are $30.

Hence this is all about How To Withdraw Money From Fiverr In Pakistan In Urdu. Hope you have understood all the procedures and are ready to do this procedure as written on this page. But in case you have any confusion relating to this post you can ask your question or query through the comments section below this passage. Our team will reply to you as soon as possible.

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