How To Transfer Money Through Easy Paisa

If you want to send or receive money all over the Pakistan different branchless companies is providing services for all people who are living in Pakistan. Easypaisa is branchless baking that is offering by Telenor Telecommunication Company. Readers this is a reality few years ago before Easypaisa service money transfer is very big issue on Pakistan because Banks was only source for money transfer and you must have knowledge Bank money transfer procedure is very lengthy and taking extra time. According to my experience procedure money receive and send alternative procedure is very easy so must use it. In below side how to Transfer Money through Easy Paisa details is available for you.

How To Transfer Money Through Easy Paisa Procedure Charges Passcode

How To Transfer Money Through Easy Paisa Procedure Charges Passcode

How to Send Money:

  • Go to Nearest Easypaisa Branch
  • Show your Sender CNIC Number and give one Photocopy to Easypaisa retailer
  • Show receiver CNIC number on front of Easypaisa retailer
  • Give your mobile number to Easypaisa retailer
  • Give receiver number to Easypaisa retailer
  • After this details tell money amount
  • Retailer will send amount and after this give you one slip and passcode in your hand


  • Save that passcode and not show it to any other person
  • Do not forget Easypaisa deposit amount slip because this is only prove for you

Easy Paisa Charges:

You must have information Transfer Easypaisa charges will apply to every transaction, in below side details of charges is available on the picture.

How To Transfer Money Through Easy Paisa Procedure Charges

How to Receive Money:

  • This detail is available for all money receiver people.
  • Go to Easypaisa Shop
  • Show your Original ID card Number and give you CNIC one copy
  • After this step retailer will give you mobile for passcode entrance
  • Enter the passcode and give mobile to the retailer
  • After few minutes retailer will give you money

Asides this, Easy Paisa users can now open their easy paisa account and can use their easy paisa account as their bank account. By creating easy paisa account, you can not only save your money but you can also send money from easy paisa mobile account to bank and easypaisa mobile account to another easy paisa account. How To Transfer Money Through Easy Paisa Procedure is given here.

How to Transfer Money through Easy Paisa Account:

If you want to send money through easy paisa account than follow the following procedure.

  • Dial *786#
  • Select Money Transfer
  • Select Mobile Account
  • Choose transfer type (Easy Paisa, Mobicash)
  • Enter Receiver’s Mobile Number/Account Number
  • Enter amount
  • Provide your pin code
  • verify your payment

Reader Easypaisa, mobicash etc all companies is working with same style and same charges so through this website you can get different microfinance details and companies offers so just visit this website main home page. How To Transfer Money Through Easy Paisa Passcode is also available here.

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