How To Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash

Easy paisa is a very advance online system for digital banking and here we will guide you on how to Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash. It is basically a branchless banking system. It is the most moderate and easy system to pay online, transfer money, and give bills either for domestic use or for shopping and tours. Money can be transferred to the relevant person or company within no time. Just a simple click and the required amount of money is sent. Digital wallet is the second name used for it. You can even send funds and make huge donations through easy paisa all across Pakistan very easily by using this app. In the article, you will get complete detail about Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash with and without the app.

How to Send Money from Easypaisa to JazzCash

Most people are using the Easypaisa app but some people don’t have touch phones and they are looking to Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash.Jazz cash is also an app used for online transactions of money but it differs from easy paisa as it is available only for the users of jazz sim. But It is very easy to send money from easy paisa to jazz cash and avail of the services of these apps.

Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash


How to transfer money from Easypaisa to JazzCash without App:

By following only a few simple steps you can easily Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash account by using the app’s bank transfer feature. You simply have to download an easy paisa app on your mobile phone first off all.

  • First of all, open the ‘easy paisa’ app and click the money transfer option.

  • After that choose the ‘jazz cash’ option to send money to any jazz cash account.
  • Enter the mobile number that has the jazz cash account
  • Now enter the amount you want to transfer ranging between Pkr. 1-100000.
  • Click the OK button and your money will be sent.

In the end, a tab will open displaying a page about all the details of whom the money has been sent, the time, date, and total amount.

It is a very easy and simple method that can easily be functioned by everyone. It has made life easy you can access it and get your money whenever and wherever required.

How to Transfer Money from Easypaisa to JazzCash Code:

In Pakistan, especially in rural areas, there are locations where internet signals are not of good strength due to low coverage or even with people who cannot cope with the advancements in technology comfortably, there is another way to Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash without using an app through cellular transactions via mobile banking

Easy paisa or jazz cash can easily be accessed through the USSD code. The money transfer code for easy paisa is *786# and for jazz, cash is #2262#.

  • Click open the dial pad on your mobile phone
  • Dial *786# from your phone and wait for the code to be functional
  • Phone screens will appear with different options. Chose the option of “send money” by pressing the 1 button and then pressing send.
  • A new screen will appear, select the option of “to mobile account” and press send.
  • Press jazz cash from the new list that appears and click send.
  • Now enter the account number of the user jazz cash account and click send
  • Enter the amount you want to send and press OK.
  • Finally, you will receive a text on your phone about your money being transferred successfully.

Easypaisa Limit per day:

Transfer limits actually mean the maximum amount of money that you can send or receive through easy paisa or jazz cash accounts. The transfer limit depends on your account level and you also have the option to increase your account limit. So many users are facing the issue when they Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash and they get an error of account limit reached. After analyzing the demand and the frequent use of these apps by an increasing number of users on daily bases the transfer limit has recently been increased to 50,000 per day and 80,000 per month without any additional charges or tax. But if someone exceeds the limit than a fixed amount of charges will be applicable on each transaction.

Send money online instantly:

Sitting home and doing your different payments was once a dream but these cellular methods and apps of money transfers had made one life simple by reducing stress and workload. You can Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash and other accounts easily with the help of Easypaisa. Running short of time or last due date, no need to panic anymore sit at home and do all the payments without getting stuck in traffic standing in a long queue, and spending expenses on fuel. Listed below are some benefits of online banking.

  • Very quick, easy, and simple transfer of money to any account.
  • Secure and comfortable payment of household bills.
  • A load of about 10,000 is always available.
  • Easy payment of bills for both postpaid and prepaid sims.

You can also check the Easypaisa Withdrawal Charges List

How to increase limit of Easypaisa account:

After the complete detail about Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash, we will share with you how to increase the limit of your account. The users of Easypaisa are looking for how to increase the limit of their account here we mentioned the complete procedure to exceed the limit of your Easypaisa account limit.

Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash

Hope you understand the complete method and that you can change the limit of your account.If you have any questions according to How to Send Money From Easypaisa To JazzCash you can ask in the comment section.

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