How To Open Jazz Cash Account, Withdraw Charges, ATM Card

Jazz customers who are going to open Jazz cash account can check How To Open Jazz Cash Account, Withdraw Charges, ATM Card how to get method. Jazz cash is mobile banking account that a Jazz sim holder can activate by simply following the method. This Jazz Cash account has different benefits including mobile banking facilities like you can send and receive money anywhere in Pakistan, You can pay your utility bills by using this Mobile bank account and much more. This mobile account is quite similar to the bank account in your mobile. All these benefits are just available in minor deductions which will be very suitable for such a busy lifestyle.  You just need to have the mobile phone all along with the active verified sim. Let’s talk in detail about the opening of Jazz Cash account!

How To Open Jazz Cash Account, Withdraw Charges, ATM Card

Mobilink Jazz has joined hands with Waseela Microfinance bank to provide mobile banking facilities in Pakistan especially to Jazz customers. Those who are using Jazz Sims can simply activate their JazzCash account otherwise they can use mobicash services in Pakistan. All details including how to open Jazz Cash Account, its withdraw charges and ATM card detail is given in the below section.

How To Open Jazz Cash Account , Withdraw Charges, ATM Card

How to Open Jazz Cash Account on Mobile:

It is very simple to open Jazz cash account through checking How to Open Jazz Cash account on mobile method. The method is very simple, just follow the below steps to activate or open your JazzCash Account on Mobile.

  • Jazz and Warid customer can simply dial *786# in order to Open Jazz Cash Account
  • You can also dial 786 and can listen and follow the instructions
  • Now you will be registered and you will ask to provide or set a secret pin code
  • Dually confirm your 4 Digit pin which will help you in future transactions
  • Your Account has created
  • In case if you are not Jazz or Warid customers then you can activate your Jazz Cash account through Biometric verification at your nearest Jazz Cash centre

How To Deposit Money into Jazz Cash Mobile Account?

It is very simple to Deposit Money into your Jazz Cash Mobile Account. If you are not familiar with the procedure then you must have to check How to deposit money into Jazz Cash Mobile Account which is discussed in the below side.

  • Visit to your nearest Jazz Cash shop
  • Give him money and ask him to deposit money in your mobile account
  • tell your Mobile number which is your account number to Jazz Cash Agent
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Jazz Cash when your transaction will be done
  • You can also receive your money through other Jazz Cash Account too

Jazz Cash Mobile Account Withdraw Charges 2022:

You can check latest Jazz Cash Mobile Account Withdraw CHarges 2022 list which is as follow. So check the complete detail before making a transaction by Jazz Cash.

Transaction Slabs Total Fee (Includes FED)
1-200 7.00
201-500 12.00
501-1,000 20.00
1,001-2,500 40.00
2,501-4,000 70.00
4,001-6,000 100.00
6,001-8,000 130.00
8,001-10,000 180.00
10,001-13,000 230.00
13,001-16,000 280.00
16,001-20,000 330.00
20,001-25,000 380.00
25,001-30,000 470.00
30,001-40,000 560.00
40,001-50,000 690.00

How to Get Jazz Cash ATM Card:

Mobilink Jazz is offering jazz cash ATM card which is also known as the VISA debit card of Jazzcash account. A person can get his Jazz Cash ATM card by ordering Online in Just 599. So if you want to check how to get Jazz Cash ATM card then follow the below steps.

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Visit Jazz Cash Website which is
  • Go to Visa debit card option
  • Now go to Order Card option
  • Click on Order Now
  • Provide details including your Number and CNIC number
  • You must have more than 599 in your account to order ATM card
  • Click on next to confirm your Adress etc where the card will be delivered

Open Your Jazz Cash Account Online Now

This is the complete detail of How To Open Jazz Cash Account, Withdraw Charges, ATM Card. If you want to ask anything else then you can simply comment in the below section.

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