How To Activate UBL Omni ATM Card

UBL Omni account is very easy to use for those who are already having their account. So if you are also using Omni account then here I am telling you that how to activate UBL Omni ATM Card. Well, there are some terms and conditions about this method which you have to keep the view in order to stay safe from any deduction of charges.  But here before starting the tutorial I would like to tell you about the importance and necessary instructions of this service. UBL Omni account is just like other bank accounts we have. If you have an activated SIM and Valid CNIC then you can also obtain the Omni Account. If you know about how to open UBL Omni Account, then remaining method is just to get the ATM card which you can use for online shopping, Paying bills and to withdraw cash anytime from any UBL ATM machines anywhere in Pakistan.

How To Activate UBL Omni ATM Card

How To Activate UBL Omni ATM Card, Charges


If you are having Omni account or even you are a level zero account then you can even obtain the account. You just simply have to visit the UBL Omni Shop (Dukan). You have to bring your PTA activate Sim along you and the valid original and photocopy of CNIC card. Just tell the shopkeeper to open your account and that’s it. Omni shop agent will tell you a PIN as your password. Your mobile number will become the Omni account number while the password or PIN will be told by shop agent.

Now when your Omni account has activated then you just simply ask for your UBL Omni ATM Card to the shop agent. He will call at UBL and tell your account number (your mobile number). UBL will generate a PIN against the No-Name ATM card and that it. Shope keeper will give you activate Omni ATM card with PIN. Now you can use this card same as other bank debit card.

  • Visit the UBL Omni Shop
  • Tell the shopkeeper agent for getting the Omni ATM card
  • Show your valid CNIC and tell your Omni account number (activate mobile number)
  • 150 will be charged for the yearly service charges (at the shop)
  • There should be minimum Rs. 250/- in your account for holding the Omni ATM card
  • Shopkeeper will issue your UBL Omni ATM card at the spot
  • You can call at 111-825-777 for taking any further assistance by the UBL officials

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Hence these are all the details about how to activate UBL Omni ATM card. Hopefully, you are all well aware of this simple and easy method. But in case you have any query you can leave your comment in the following comment box and we will reply you back shortly.

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