How To Get Import Export License In Pakistan In Urdu, Documentation

Many people use to ask about how to get import export license in Pakistan in Urdu, documentation, registration and other terms and conditions. If you are also seeking to get details about this procedure then keep on reading this article and you will get the details about how to import products from China, Japan or any other country in the world. So before going on the procedure, I would like to high light the importance of import export license about to deal your business. First of all, you are hereby informing that the Government of Pakistan has amended a separate section for import export business dealers about to amend the procedures in order to follow the legal laws. The department which is holding export and import activities in Pakistan is called as the Ministry of Trade and Commerce. This authority is regulating the laws about the customs duties and miscellaneous taxes. One has to follow these rules and regulations otherwise Government of Pakistan will not allow that company to import any product from any country. Keep these instructions in your mind and scroll down this page about to know how to get import export license in Pakistan in Urdu, documentation.

How To Get Import Export License In Pakistan In Urdu, Documentation

How To Get Import Export License In Pakistan In Urdu, Documentation


From here to further, you are getting the details about the procedure of getting import export license in Pakistan. In the following side, I am telling you about two different conditions of a company, firm or a sole proprietorship.

  1. Company Account/ Firm Registration:

If you are running a business in Pakistan and want to import any product from China, Japan, any other country then you have to, first of all, get to register your company. If you are running a sole proprietorship business then you have no need of registration your company or firm. But if you are running a partnership business then it is mandatory for you to register your company from registrar office and to get the business account number from registrar office. You have to bring CNIC number, recently paid bill, agreement between patterns, Rent Agreement

  1. National Tax Number (NTN):

After that, you have to go to the regional tax office (RTO) for getting the national tax number. The NTN number is the reprehensive of you as a business holder. It is an assured about your citizenship and the permanent residents of that city. It also assures that you are running a legal business under a legal law amended by the government of Pakistan ministry of commerce.

  1. Sales Tax Number (STN)

It is different from NTN number. It is about the proper record of the sales and income under this registered firm. STN is also known as the federal tax identification number. Authorities can track your business entity through this number and can charge a standard sales tax after completion of terms and conditions set by the ministry of commerce.

  1. Bank Account:

When you have done with Firm registration, NTN, STN then you have to open a bank account of your firm. For this task, you simply have to write the details about the conditions of opening the account on the letterhead of this company. You have to come at the bank office along with this letterhead and other documents like the photocopy of CNIC card, STN, and NTN number and then a short interview will be required by the Bank’s manager and your company’s bank account will be opened.

  1. Chamber of Commerce Membership:

After that, you have to get the membership of chamber of commerce to be in the records of the bar jurisdiction. For this, you have to write about your company purpose, nature and partner’s terms and conditions and submit it to the relevant district’s chamber of commerce. Chamber of commerce will charge a fee for it i.e. almost Rs. 500/- or 1000/- and it will take three to five days and you will get the membership letter.


Now you have to go to the Excise Office where you will get the WEBOC ID (Web-Based One Customs Developed By Pakistan Revenue Automation Ltd PRAL Pakistan). It is a number which refers to the systematic divisions of Goods Declaration (GD) for import and export cargo. WEBOC is a very important number which used for both importer and exporter clearing agents.

That’s it…

How to start the business of Import and Export in Pakistan

Hence all these above-written documentation are actually known as the complete license of import and export in Pakistan. When you have done with this documentation, you can import or export any product from any country in the world legally. But someone doesn’t have the import export license; he will not be legally able to perform any activity about to sell or purchase shipment or consignment on the port.

At the end of this article, I would like to stat that you are well aware of this method of how to get import export license in Pakistan in Urdu, Documentation. But in case you have any query or confusion at any step you can leave your comment in the following comment box. We will reply you soon back right on this page.

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