Dil Dil Ramzan Online Registration 2022 Passes Geo Tv Timings, Host

The holy month of Ramadan 2022 has started and here we are sharing the Dil Dil Ramzan Online Registration 2022 Passes Geo Tv Timings, Host. Almost every Pakistan TV channel’s Ramzan transmissions are set to be presented for the whole month. Similarly, Geo TV has also prearranged its Ramzan special show with the name Dil Dil Ramzan. Yet the officials were not announced with the details of this show including timing, hostname, online registration, and segments but now everything has been released. Here you are getting Geo Tv Dil Dil Ramzan online registration 2022, Dil Dil Ramadan Passes, Show Timings as well as the hosts of Dil Dil Ramdan show 2022.

Dil Dil Ramzan Online Registration 2022 Form

It is been hearing that this year the transmission will be presented in a quite special way where different segments will be presented to convey the importance and benefits of this blessing full month. Different celebrities in Dil Dil Ramzan will hold their segment according to the schedule and time which is yet hidden from the officials. Officials have just released the song of Dil Dil ramazan geet which is pasteurized by Wasim Akram, Bushra Ansari, Shoaib Akram, and all their co-hosts. Scroll down this page to get the trailer of Dil Dil Ramzan show 2022 and online registration form and get passes to watch Dil Dil Ramadan live on Geo TV.

TV Chanel of Dil Dil Ramzan:

This show is a Geo TV Ramzan transmission 2022

Dil Dil Ramzan Show Timing and Date:

Yet the Geo TV has not released the Sehri or Aftari time of dil dil Ramadan transmission but the date is confirmed. It will be aired with the commencement of 1st Ramadan and according to Ramzan calendar 2022, it will be on air from 14th April 2022.

(1st Ramazan to Chand Raat)

Host Name of Dil Dil Ramzan

  • Bushra Ansari
  • Wasim Akram
  • Syed Shafaat Ali
  • Shoaib Akhtar
  • Nouman Ijaz

Dil Dil Ramzan Online Registration 2022 Passes Geo Tv Timings, Host

How to Get Dil Dil Ramzan Passes Free?

This year due to Covid-19 pandemics, Geo is not allowing the audience due to strict SOP’s. So, the transmission will be without them. But in case if it happens, then follow the below procedure to get the passes.

Click Here

First of all, you have to click on the above-given link for Dil Dil Ramzan online registration 2022. After that, you have to fill up the form and send it you will get a confirmation code and then your registration will be confirmed. Now the thing is that how to get free passes of Dil Dil Ramzan transmission? So for this purpose, you have to visit the Facebook page of Dil Dil Ramzan. On Facebook, you have to like the dil Dil Ramzan Facebook page and then share it on your friends or group pages. Free passes depend upon the number of like of your share post. 50 free passes will be given to the top 50 likers from Fb.

So I can hope that you have gotten all about Dil Dil Ramzan online registration 2022 passes Geo TV timings, host. If still, you want to get any details or inquiry about this Ramzan 2022 Geo TV transmission you can leave your comment in the comment box.

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