Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes Treatment In Urdu

Last 5 years ago Pakistani country faced Dengue fever problem and due to this disease hundreds of people were died.  Here we want to mention Punjab Government adopted good strategy and now condition of Dengue disease is minimized. We are sharing Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes Treatment In Urdu because winter season is coming with Dengue disease so this type of information is best for you. Dengue fever transfers through mosquitoes and dengue fever result much danger as compare to simple routine fever. During Dengue fever high body temperature, headache pain, muscle pain, joints pains is major Dengue Fever Symptoms. If you are feeling high temperature off and on means after few hours fever condition changed on normal and after few hours you can again feel fever then please check your Dengue blood test.

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes Treatment In Urdu

Dengue Fever Symptoms Causes Treatment In Urdu 01

Dengue Fever Symptoms:


Muscle pain

Joint Pains

Measles pain

Skin Rash

Low blood pressure

Skin rash

Dengue Fever Causes:

Through mosquito dengue fever diseases is transfer in human body and within hours human body is feeling Dengue Fever Symptoms.

Anti Dengue Day Objective:

Internationally Anti Dengue day arranged since 2010 by Jakarta Indonesia. Through Anti Dengue Day awareness is spreading for all people because Dengue fever disuse pre solution is only care and well awareness.

Countries Name that are facing Dengue Fever problem:




South China

India Subcontinent

Center South America


Treatment or safety Measures of Dengue Fever:

  • Mosquito repellents usage is important
  • Wear long pent, long shirt and try to cover your body
  • Take extra care on morning and sunset time because this time Dengue will attack on human body
  • Before sleeping use mosquito killed lotion on your open body parts
  • If you are feeling any disturbance in your body then take Dengue Fever blood test
  • Follow doctor instructor and take only medical treatment
  • Wash your garden and clean all water  because in clean water Dengue mosquito birth might be possible

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