How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter Naturally At Home In Urdu

Are you afraid of moving out with friends in winter season because of the dry skin texture? Well as soon as the winter season arrives, having dry and flaky skin is one of the common and biggest problems of each single lady. It simply destroys your smooth and soft skin. Sometimes aging, and genetic issues are also among the main reasons of having dry skin in winter season. But you don’t need to worry about it at all! You can easily get rid of dry skin in winter season naturally at home too: Below we will be listing down with some of the simple and easy to follow methods for treating dry skin in winter season at home: Keep on reading and get these skincare tips in Urdu at home in Winter.

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter Naturally At Home In Urdu

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter Naturally At Home In Urdu

Method No 1: Olive Oil:

Olive oil has always remained one of the best remedies in the dry skin. You can mix the olive oil with the brown sugar and make it apply over the dry areas of the skin. Olive oil is rich in the antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that turn out to be excellent for your skin.  You can easily do this all through by dabbing the thin layer of extra virgin olive oil just as under your regular moisturizer. As about half an hour before taking a shower you can rub some olive oil on your hands, legs and other areas with dry skin and massage lightly.

Method no 2: Use Milk Cream:

You can often consider using the milk cream too. The milk cream is helpful as it comes to exfoliate the dry skin. It has the soothing cream nature effect that would help the skin to stay smooth and fresh. Milk cream is also an excellent moisturizer. You can take a few drops of the lemon juice and then add it with the one teaspoon of milk and two teaspoons of milk cream. Now you can rub it over the areas of body that are dry in skin tone.

Method No 3: Milk

Milk has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that is best enough in order to get rid from the dry or the flaky skin tone. It would even help you to get rid of the dry skin cells and raise up the moisture level in the skin. It will even lighten your skin complexion. To apply the milk, you can soak the washcloth in cold milk and then you can put the cloth on your dry skin for at least the span of five to seven minutes. Now you can remove it off with the use of lukewarm water. You can try this remedy at least twice times in a day.

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To get smooth, silky and best skin even in winter season, then without wasting any time try with these home methods right now!

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