Skin Care Tips In Urdu For Dry Skin In Summer

Skin issues occur in summer season especially for those having dry skin. Dry skin generate roughness, dull skin tone as well as it also produce rashes on face sometimes which is really a burning situation for one having a dry skin. If you also having a dry skin and worried for it, then you are wrong if you are worry now. Here I am telling you some use to and use full skin care tips in Urdu for dry skin in summer season. By applying these tips your skin will remain fresh, thick, smooth and glowing even in summer. Well there are various issues of dry skin in summer and one of the most common reasons is sharp sun light which creates heat and sweat on skin. Dry skin absorb the dust more than an oily skin and that’s why black hats, rashes and other issues like these start appearing on skin and ruin the facial complexions. Moreover the face color also become dark and then you start searching for skin whiting tips for summer. But if you try these homemade remedies for dry skin care tips you will soon get rid of these issues. Keep on reading for it…

Dry Skin care Tip In Summer

  • 1 Egg, 1 tea spoon olive oil, 1 tea spoon rose water and 1 tea spoon honey. Make a paste of it and apply it on face skin
  • 1 tea spoon un-boiled milk and 3 drops of lemon. Mix it and apply it on your face for 15 minutes then wash it
  • Vitamin E capsules and equal quantity lemon juice. Mix it and apply on face for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash your face

Skin Care Tips in Urdu for Dry Skin In Summer

skin care tips in urdu for dry skin in Summer

So hopefully you are all now well clear with these tips and these tips proves to be very helpful and beneficiary for you. There are so many lemon benefits for dry skin. So you can try these tips for the betterment of your face skin and you can also share your own remedies if you have tried any with us in the comments box.

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