Remove Online Extra SIMs Register Against Your CNIC

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) makes rules for removing online extra registered Sims against your CNIC. If you use up to 5 sims in your CNIC  but actually more than 5 sims are using against your CNIC  and you do not know about that person who is using sim against your CNIC. You can stop these sims which are not in your use. If you will not take this serious responsibility then you could become the part of crime. Because you do not know that person and his activities may be he caught in the crime then PTA consider you also because its sim is in your name. So avoid of this type of things PTA introduce some rules to remove extra sim in your CNIC.

Remove Online Extra SIMs Register Against Your CNIC

Remove Online Extra SIMs Register Against Your CNIC1-     Click the link and get count of SIMs against your CNIC.

2-     If count of SIMs of any mobile services is found in excess of the actual in your use then please visit the link which are given below.

Company Link Email Address
Mobilink [email protected]
Ufone [email protected]
Telenor [email protected]
Warid [email protected]
Zong [email protected]


3-     You can download relevant form from given websites. Fill it carefully and email scanned filled form with copy of CNIC and passport at email address which is given in website.

4-       Relevant company gives you a reference number t and your CNIC will be used for the purpose.

5-     Extra SIMs registered will be remover within 24 hours after the reception of your complaint.

6-     Database data at PTA’s website will be updated after 45 days.

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  1. this is really a nice system and information but as i got from mobile services companies the online removing sim against my CNIC is only for overseas people


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