Eligibility Criteria For Gat General In Pakistan

Eligibility criteria for GAT general Assessment test in Pakistan is provided here for you. This is a general test that is commenced for the admissions in M.Phill / MS programs. This test is arranged by the national testing services NTS. NTS is the largest and most appreciated testing services of Pakistan that test the candidates on the behalf of the respective institute. The main aim for the establishment of this service is to enhance and ease the methods of assessments. This assessment organization is devoted to promote the educational standards is Pakistan. NTS is also providing its services in the professional testing and assessment for the recruitment. NTS ensures efficient, transparent and corruption free results to the institutes and candidates as well. In the tests taken by the National testing service the candidates are tested in the given syllabus. The GAT test is also given for the HEC Scholarships. The students who have applied for the Higher education commission scholarships must qualify the general assessment test. At one time maximum 1000 peoples are invited to take tests. The passing ratio as suggested by the NTS is not more than 4% to 5 %. After a survey it is stated that this passing ratio is more than world top standardized test likes GRE, GMAT and SAT. The main reason for this is that GAT is an easy test to take. Here we are providing you the information about the eligibility criteria for GAT test by NTS. The candidates who are in search of any information about the GAT test can get it from our website. as we will update you with everything you need.

Eligibility Criteria For Gat General In Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria For Gat General In Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria


Here we are providing you the eligibility criteria for the GAT general Assessment test by NTS National testing service. First we are giving you the idea about eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria are the certain demand of the officials which ensure that the candidate is efficient and affective enough for their requirements. In the eligibility criteria officials give all the essential credentials that they want in the candidate. Eligibility criteria may include educational qualification, age limit, national limits, regional limits and experience can also be demanded in the eligibility criteria. In the educational qualification the candidate may be given a certain level to which the qualification is required. Officials may also refer the specific field in which qualification is demanded, educational qualification in any other field may be rejected in some cases. In the age limits the candidates are demanded to be in the certain age group. The officials often give the maximum and minimum ages so that the candidates may know he that must not be elder then maximum and younger then minimum age limit. Here we are now providing you the eligibility criteria for the GAT test. Eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The candidate must have minimum of 16 years of education for the appearance in the test.
  • The candidates, who have already commenced and passed this test before, can also apply for the test for the improvement of the scores.
  • The candidates must be eligible according to the eligibility criteria given by the universities. The eligibility criteria given by the universities differ from university to university.



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