Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay

Here we will discussed Current and Present Role Of Media In Pakistan. Media in Pakistan is one of the biggest growing industry which is advancing and modernizing day by day and this might be the only field in Pakistan in which we have competed the West in the best possible manner and might be on their level, and this is just because of continual improvement and development in the industry of media in Pakistan. Initially there were not so many sources of media in Pakistan as only the print media was being active but now we are well equipped and very much strengthen in every state and source of media which includes Print Media, News Media and even in Electronic Media.

Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay

Pakistani Media Performing Role in three Major states.

1. News Media

2. Electronic Media

3. Print Media

Role Of Media In Pakistan Essay

News Media: In Pakistan initially it was just Pakistan Television known as PTV which used to broadcast the news which was after every three hours but today news media has been the biggest hit and success as far as the states of media are concerned and that can be proved by analyzing the news channel today which are broadcasting news not even hourly but 24 hours a day. In Pakistan today we have more than 15 major channels of news which are broadcasting news throughout the country all 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This states the advancement of the news media in Pakistan and this does not end here as there is still continual advancement and specification in the news media as today news channel for various cities of Pakistan has being launched which are based on only the local news of the city, example: City 42 based in Lahore.

Electronic Media: today, in Pakistan; Electronic Media is on a boom of its success where it has captured the maximum society of the state, no matter it is the tribal area, rural or urban area in Pakistan but the popularity and the success of the print media is beyond the imagination and that is why many of the private groups have jumped in to the industry of media and targeting the electronic media by launching the entertainment channels which are a huge success.

Print Media: Print Media was once being very much active in Pakistan as news papers and magazines were given extreme importance and significance in the society but today the worth of print media is restricted to the advertising agencies as they have been very much concerned to promote the print media in the context of advertising and branding in Pakistan.

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