Impact of Social Media on Students in Pakistan

Impact of Social Media on Students is impact at both ends good and bad.Social media is one of the most influencing and impacting source throughout the world including Pakistan. People do have huge influence of this social media which has enhanced the exposure of the people and created more awareness amongst the people including the students regarding the current affairs not only of Pakistan but of the entire world. Students of Pakistan are highly involved in the social media as the research which was being published by the BBC news unveiled this fact that 67% of the total respondents of Facebook a very common and well known social portal comprised of the youth and the students, so this compliment the fact the students have more focus and relation to such social media.

Impact of Social Media on students in PakistanThe students of Pakistan are so much intact to the social media that what is being posted their, they responds to it very quickly. This social media has become faster and timelier source of information than even the electronic and print media. So students of Pakistan have made themselves associated with such social media very seriously. The very common social media sources include Facebook and Twitter. The impact of social media on the students is very much severe and if it is not taken positively it will threaten the future of millions of the students in Pakistan. The negative use of this social media occurs when the students involve themselves in unethical activities on such portals, sharing of useless information, and posting of such images that are injurious to the national dignity and foreign relationships of the country.

In the past we have seen some very positive results which were initiated through the social media and one of the very renowned incidents was the issue of the Respect and Dignity of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H), when a foreigner dared to post and to promote such content regarding the holy Prophet which was unacceptable for the Muslims. It was the Social media which responded to this issue instantly and the information was transferred through this to millions of people in Pakistan and worldwide. Students of Pakistan responded to it immediately and protest was being recorded at every educational institution and which brought the students on roads in the cause of this disrespect. This protest forced the Government of Pakistan to take this issue seriously and to ban such content at least in the premises of Pakistan.

So social media is influencing every age and every individual in Pakistan and one who are reacting to it more devastatingly in the Youth and the Students of Pakistan; so it is very much necessary to take this social media very productively in positive manner and to avoid its negative impact on the society and on the youth of the nation.


  1. no one can denying this fcat that youth is deteriorating our sicioal norms ,ethics, society standars, culture as well as religion through the negative use of sicial media there should be create awarenes the proper use of social media in right directoin through different compaign.


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