How To Check PTCL Broadband Speed

Pakistan telecommunication Company limited PTCL is providing How To Check PTCL Broadband Speed with easy and quick method so read further details get easy method for net seed test. In Pakistan PTCL is leading telecommunication company that is providing telecom and internet services with effective method that is the reason PTCL telecom and internet service share is high as compare to other companies that is also providing same products. You must have information few years ago in Pakistan internet user’s ratio is available with small numbers but after 3G and 4G internet technology right now situation is change and these days internet users ratio is increase day by day. PTCL broadband internet connection is most popular internet connection in Pakistan because 2000 PTCL telephone exchange is available in Pakistan and users can easily get broadband internet connection. here we want to share my own experience with PTCL broad band this is a reality PTCL is only internet providing company that is based on latest fast technology.

How To Check PTCL Broadband Speed

How To Check PTCL Broadband Speed

Before PTCL Broadband Speed Check figure out below things:

  • go to start menu and search “Network option” click on network and  click on View Status through this method you can understand how quickly your computer interacts with internet

How to Check PTCL Broadband Speed:

  • When this page will open then you can see speed test procedure will start automatically
  • Just wait 1 to 2 minutes
  • After this you can get download speed and upload speed
  • Through this test you can get per sec internet download speed

If you internet speed is slow then just dial PTCL helpline and registered PTCL internet speed issue complain.

how to check ptcl internet connection speed. you can also check ptcl speed with ookla. you can check your net connection easily.


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