How to Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

Do you want to know how to buy and sell cryptocurrency in Pakistan?  If yes, then we are sure that this blog post would be giving you out with much of the information in this regard. For some of the people especially who are the beginners for them buying and selling of cryptocurrency is one of the daunting tasks of them all.  Before starting the tutorial I would like to make you realize what is Cryptocurrency? Well, this is a digital currency which means it has no any physical existence. There are some techniques and methods through which one can deal with Cryptocurrency just like the forex trading or bitcoin concepts. You can buy and sell products even currency by transacting this currency online. You can only use this currency online market but there is no any existing bank account to claim your money. Now let’s just not waste any more time and learn about the method of how to buy and sell Cryptocurrency in Pakistan!

How to Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

How to Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

How to Buy Cryptocurrency in Pakistan?

  • In the very start of the method you will be hence signing into the Local Bitcoins. You will be adding with your phone number and also make use of two step verification as in order to improve the security. You have to prove your identity all through by uploading scanned CNIC or passport. You can still buy and sell without proving your identity. As you are all done with it, now you are registered and also have a bitcoin wallet.
  • Now go to the main page and you will be selecting the option of Quick Buy. In this step, you will be entering the amount which you want toinvest in buying bitcoins. Make the choice of the transaction method.
  • As you will be making the search around, you will be capturing with the list of the traders that are hence offering the service of selling. You will be selecting the one that is holding best value and reputation.
  • Now as you are all done with the selection of the trader you will see information as all about the terms of trade. If you agree to terms then proceed by clicking on ‘Send the trade request’.
  • You will be just given the duration of 90 minutes when you have to transfer the money. It will be readily accessible straight in your wallet once the seller has verified the payment.

 How to Sell Cryptocurrency in Pakistan?

             Now moving ahead, let’s talk about the steps that are involved in the selling of the cryptocurrency in Pakistan. Scroll down!

  • For selling purposes, you will be visiting the main page and then select the ‘Quick Sell’ and enter the amount in rupees for which you want to sell bitcoins. Now you will be selecting the payment method.
  • You will be selecting the trader as according to your choice and choose the option of “sell”. Thus, this will make you learn about the terms of trade and other information about the trader.
  • Now it’s time to send the trade request. The buyer will be getting into contact with you and will be asking for the payment details.
  • As you did receive the payment you have to click on ‘Release bitcoins‘to deliver them to the buyer.

Hence the complete method of how to Buy and sell Cryptocurrency in Pakistan is written here. Hope you are all now well aware about this methodology. But in case you have any query or comment you can share in the following commenting section.


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