Youm e Takbeer Speech In Urdu 28th May

We are sharing Youm e Takbeer Speech In Urdu 28th May through this page, Youm e Takbeer is Pakistan National day that is celebrating on every year 28th of May. On 28th of May 1998 Pakistan was given five nuclear successful experiments and after this nuclear experiment, Pakistan got the title of Muslim World first Nuclear power and world 7 nuclear power. Here we want to mention in 1998 Indian government declared this region superpower due to nuclear technology but after 17 days Pakistan Government was given the reply to the Indian government. Every year all Pakistani people are celebrating Youm e Takbeer because after this day Pakistan security base on strong standards.

On 28th of May Flag Hoisting ceremony, Atomic energy exhibitions, different award ceremonies, military programmers and different speeches is conduct by the official and non-official institute.

Youm e Takbeer Speech In Urdu 28th May

Youm e Takbeer Speech In Urdu 28th May

Every Pakistani celebrates Youm-e-Takbeer because this day let them feel the pride of what they did on this day. On this day, Pakistan became the super power and declared 7th nuclear power in the world and first in the Muslim world. There was a great need of nuclear test because of huge pressure from Indian and United States. Pakistan was asked not to do the nuclear test by offering the huge incentive by the United State. After these test, America stopped provided aid to Pakistan as well as never provided F-16 fighter-bombers that Pakistan ordered from America and pay in advance.

28 May Youm e Takbeer Quotes, SMS

There were some Anti-Pakistan bodies who were totally against this day and declared this day as Black day in the history of Pakistan. In the memory of this day Pakistani nation arranges different ceremonies on 28 May because of this Youm-e-Takbeer. This day helped us to become the superpower to talk with our enemies in their way. After Youm e Takbeer Speech In Urdu 28th May if you want to get different Pakistani National days details then visit this website main home page.


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