Ufone Super Card Offer 2019 How To Activate

Ufone users can check Ufone Super Card Offer 2019 How To Activate procedure from this website. Ufone has introduced Ufone super card offer for its customers. By loading this Ufone super card you will get Call, SMS, internet MBs and much more for a whole month. Unbelievable things has just recently done by Ufone in different ways. Now you must be thinking that what type of this card is? for that we have given you complete details about Ufone super card. So that you can be familiar with the card and start using it as soon as you can. We all are well known with a thing that Ufone is considered as a largest and excellent telecommunication company in the world. But there is a reason behind this, Ufone is giving a very low call, SMS and internet rates. So now we are getting to the point that Ufone has given the unbelievable Ufone Super Card Offer which facilitate you and rather than giving you U balance it gives you lot of free minutes to call on Ufone, Ptcl and Vfone numbers, lot of free minutes  to call other local networks such as Zong, Telelnor, Jazz and other networks, big numbers of SMS to all local mobile networks and MBs mobile internet for all the 2G and 3G Customers.

Ufone Super Card Offer 2019 How to Activate

Ufone has different Ufone Super Card Offer 2019 including Ufone Mini super card, super card plus and many others. In the below side, we are also sharing the activation code for these super cards. So follow the below method to activate the card.

Ufone Super Card Offer Fixed Monthly Call, SMS, Internet Details

Ufone Super Card Offer 2019:

One of the basic super cards from Ufone Super card family is Ufone Super Card Offer 2019. This super card can be activated in just RS 520 and after subscribing to this card, you will get free on-net minutes, free off-net minutes, SMS and internet MBs for a whole month. The card detail is as follow.

Rs. Validity On Net Minutes Off Net Minutes SMS: MBs
520 30 Days 1000 150 4000 1200

How to Activate Ufone Super Card?

  • If you have RS 520 Balance in your Ufone Sim then you can follow the below procedure
  • Go to Call Dialer
  • Dial *240#
  • The card will be subscribed through this code

Ufone Super Card Plus 2019:

Those customers whose usage is more than the normal super card can activate to Ufone Super Card Plus 2019. This card gives you more free minutes, more free MBs and SMS so that if your usage is more then you can subscribe to this.

Rs. Validity On Net Minutes Off Net Minutes SMS: MBs
599 30 Days 1200 180 4200 1500

How to Activate Ufone Super Card Plus RS 599:

  • Go to Call Logs
  • Open Call Dialer
  • Dial *250#
  • The card will be loaded if you have RS 599 Balance

Ufone Mini Super Card 2019:

Ufone is also offering Ufone Mini Super Card 2019 to Ufone customers which is valid for 15 days. Through recharging this card, you will get free minutes, SMS and MBs for 15 days. Mini super card details are as follow.

Rs. Validity On Net Minutes: Off Net Minutes: SMS: MBs
299 15 Days 500 75 3500 600

Ufone Mini Super Card activation code is *230#

How to Check Remaining Volume in Ufone Super Card Package:

  • Open Call Dialing Pad
  • Dial *706# in order to check remaining minutes, SMS and MBs

This is the complete detail about Ufone Super Card Offer 2019 How To Activate is given here. So check how to activate these card and also check the details of free minutes, SMS and internet MBs.

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