6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay

Pakistan Defense Day 2023 speech in urdu language for Schools, colleges, and universities are arranging different events in the memory of this day. We are providing you the 6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay in detail every event. This is a memorable day in the history of Pakistan. It was the day when Pakistan military and people stood united in the defense of Pakistan in front of the Indian army. Later in 1971, taking advantages of the city was in East Pakistan, attacked and dismembered Pakistan in a humiliating defeat. That was the day when unity was touching the sky and Pakistan got united to defend Pakistan. To remember that glorious day, it is named as defense day of Pakistan and take a superlative place in the history of Pakistan and get 6th September history in Urdu provide.

6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay

To remember that success, Defence day in Pakistan is celebrated as a national day on the date of 6th September every year. In the ceremony of those who killed in the India and Pakistan war of 1965 and successful defense of Lahore, Sialkot and other important areas of the country. The main cause of celebrating this day is to remember the Martyred people who gave their lives for the defense of beloved country Pakistan. The reason of Pakistan and India war was the issue of Kashmir, but unfortunately, that issue is still unsolved at all. A lot of people sacrificed their lives and the date when this was got finished is now celebrated as Defence day of Pakistan.

The purpose of celebrating this day is to awake the new generation of Pakistan that how our leaders and people of that time gave their lives for the defense of the country and how brave they were, Every one must be brave and Fearless. Now keep on reading to get the 6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay…

6 September 1965 History of Pakistan in Urdu

In Pakistan it is celebrated with full passion and Enthusiasm, Students give Pakistan Defence Day 6th September Essay in Urdu, and the Army of Pakistan displayed their latest missiles, tanks, guns, army aviation helicopters, and armament being used by Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Crops, Army Air Defence, Signals, Army Service Corps and Army Medical Crops live on various places. A lot of Pakistani people watch such functions live by going to specific places. Defence Day Pakistan Whatsapp Status

6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay

National songs and special documentaries about Defence day of Pakistan martyred people of 6 September are displayed on Tv to tell the people how they gave sacrifices for the defense of the country and what is our responsibility, especially the young generation who are the future of Pakistan they have to manage and take care of this. We have provided 6th September 1965 Speech in Urdu Essay so that students can give a speech at their school functions and programs.

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