Why Students Dropout Of College

An Interesting Writing for Students are Why Students Dropout Of College. The students getting drop out from their colleges is one of the most common and highly viewed problem nowadays, and several researches and enquiries have been made in this regard which have pointed out the reasons for which this problem has taken so much popularity.

Why Students Dropout Of CollegeThere are so many reasons which have contributed in this concern; here are few of those major reasons which have played their vital role in this problem;

  • Requirement of the Job: One of the very common reason which contributes in the dropping out of the students in the college is that majority of the students do have part time jobs which they carry with them, but unfortunately if the students are given the option to choose any one from the job and education than majority of the students choose jobs. Although they should give priority to their education but due to the recession and economic downfall in the entire world so in this situations the students opts for the job and leave their education.
  • Broken Relationships: It is considered to be the most unacceptable and most shameful reason for which majority of the students makes themselves dropped out from the colleges. The love affairs in the college are considered to be the maximum in the life of the students and that is why any unsuccessful relationship or any betrayal or any other respected reason can be the crucial aspect for which the students leave their colleges.
  • Unsatisfied from the education: One of the most valid reason for which the students are dropped out from the colleges is the satisfaction of the educational system. If the student is not satisfied from the educational standards and the quality of education in the institution it is prescribed that they should leave the college and this is because it is more worthy to leave the college if the student is not satisfied from it rather than wasting several precious years and gaining nothing.
  • Anxiety and Stress over college related expenses: A research was being conducted by the Apollo Research Institute which contacted almost 4,500 non-traditional students and they were being enquired regarding this, amongst these all respondents 71.2% of the total respondents showed their concern in this regard. The students are highly feared and fell stress regarding the ever increasing expenses of the modern education and they only bear them as far they are under their affordability and once this affordability is being over lapped or crossed than the students are forced to drop themselves out of the colleges.

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