What Is Plagiarism and What Is Not

What Is Plagiarism and What Is Not? This Article will buzzed up about this Topic..Plagiarism is an activity which is considered to be negative and unacceptable in the academia and it occurs when an individual copies or quotes someone else’s content, ideas or expressions and mentions it as its own. In the recent time with the vast excess to internet the students and not just students but various individuals ranging from different ages and groups are involved in this activity. Plagiarism is not a crime as per the rules and regulations but at the same time it is considered as the serious moral offense and academic dishonesty, and anybody who is caught guilty in this concern can be punished in the form of rejection of the work and at the same can be sanctioned as expulsion from the institutions.

What Is Plagiarism and What Is Not

What Is Plagiarism And What Is Not

The confusion lies in the query that what is included in the plagiarism and what is being kept out of it; this article will help the students to make them crystal clear that under which circumstances they are might be penalized as plagiarism and under what conditions they might get away from it. Internet in the recent times has become the most popular source through which students plagiarize the content and it is most common with the university students.

What Is Plagiarism and What Is Not

Plagiarism is the activity in which the student or nay individual copies and mention someone else’s work as his own work. In other circumstances if the work of someone else’s is being used as just the helping material and the words which the previous author has already written are being changed in such a manner that the theme and the meaning of the sentence might remain the same but the words should be properly substituted for some other words so that the plagiarism should be avoided.

In other cases the individual should mention the name of the author if he or she is using that content as the quotation and the assisting material in their own work. If the name of the author is being mentioned than even you copy the entire statement word to word, still it will not be considered as the plagiarism because this time it will be taken as the quotation used in your work.

Institutions usually have the software which detects the copied and plagiarized content so the student might not get away from the ethical crime if he or she has copied some content of someone else’s in their work and mentioned as their own. So the individuals should be highly concerned regarding this activity because once they are being found guilty under plagiarism than the results might be very severe and injurious.

These details about what is plagiarism and what is not is very interesting and informative article for those who are online article writers or these are also important for those students who are assigned for a thesis or assignment with your own writing and not copied.

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