How To Eat Properly Before An Exam

Here we are presenting you a very interesting and use full tips about how to eat properly before an exam. Food is one of the most essential components which are required by the human body and its need is being varied as per the respective scenarios and situations in the life. One of the every important situation in which the students neglect the factor of food is during and before the exams. It is the one common practice of almost all the students that they don’t take their food intake seriously before their examinations. Eating before attending paper is a good for your performance and mental ability to remember your paper while writing. Most of the times it is been notice that a student forget even he/ she has learn that topic. The one of the first sign of coming without eating are dizziness due to weakness so here we are presenting you the tips that how to eat properly before an exam.

How To Eat Properly Before An Exam
How To Eat Properly Before An Exam

Doctors and physicians have strongly emphasized on this factor and have given the food the maximum weight age to get success and good health during and before the examination. Here is the food guide for the students which they should follow during their preparations for their exams.

  • Taking food in proper time is the most important factor in the food schedule for the students while they are preparing for their exams. The students should make sure that they do not reduce or increase the food timings while there are studying because in both the scenarios it will be unhealthy for the individual.
  • The intake of water should also be taken under consideration as one should try to take the maximum input of water because it will keep the body hydrated and will enable to remain fresh for longer time.
  • In the breakfast the student should try to get up early in the morning so that he could have a proper breakfast and should try not to sleep again after having the breakfast in the breakfast the student should prefer having the cup of hot milk and something like bread and butter and even boiled eggs which will give a healthy start and perfect nourishment for the morning.
  • In the afternoon the students should have a light meal because if they will have a heavy meal they will feel dizzy and might sleep for a long time that will waste their precious time which should be consumed for studying for their exams. The intake of carbonated drinks should be strictly prohibited and banned during the examination as it is unhealthy.
  • In the evening the students should have either fresh juice of fruits or might take them solid which should comprise of Banana, Mango, Oranges and Apple. As these fruits are highly full of vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D and E which are very much required for the body when they are in the mental stress as while preparing for the exams.
  • In the night the students should have a comprehensive meal which should comprise of either meat or fresh green vegetables which will again give the body proper nourishment which will give the student the proper and required energy for studying.
  • The candidate should avoid any food intake at abnormal times and on a frequent basis and should avoid the food just before the night’s sleep as they should have their meal at least 2 hours before their sleep, so that they can digest it properly.


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