How I Spent My Summer Vacations

Most of the students think that how I spent my summer vacations. Summer vacations are always considered to be the reason for joy and happiness for the children and they eagerly wait for these vacations from the start of May. Summers are generally considered to be the season which is not that much pleasant and desirable for the people but the most attractive and charming factor of this season is the long vacations which are mouth watering for the children. Summer vacations are also considered to be pleasant and mentally relaxed because the students to get free from their exams so they don’t have a lot of obligations in the summers other than the summer task assigned to them. My summer vacations were very much pleasing because in these holidays I was able to do all that fun which I was unable to do due to the various obligations in the normal school routine.

How I Spent My Summer Vacations

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My summer vacations were usually comprised of journeys to different cities of the country, mainly the northern part of the state because generally the summers are very hot in the South and West so we prefer to move to the colder places (Best Places to Visit In Summer) so that we can enjoy the summers in good temperature and climate. Another reason of opting for the Northern areas because these places get more and more beautiful and worth watching in summers because the snow-capped mountains start to melt and the freezing snow changes itself into the flowing streams and rivers which gives the scenic beauty an additional charm and attractiveness. These are the days which recall mine for how I spent my summer vacations when I was a child in school.

We usually plan to go for hiking and camping because of climate suits for this adventure. In winters the extremely freezing temperature does not allow the plans of camping to be executed while on the other hand, the hiking becomes more and more difficult and dangerous when the mountains and cliffs are being wrapped up in the snow. So we utilize the summer vacations for such thrillers so that it should not be that much torturing as well as risking while we could also attain the maximum fun.

Summer vacations were usually of two months so it gives ample time to plan such journeys and then execute them properly and still we are left with spare time so that can get back to our homes and take the required rest before getting indulged into the hard work and busy schedule of the daily routine.

In summers the roads and the paths were also free from snow so it becomes more comfortable traveling to such places which are not accessible in winters due to the snow falling. My summer vacations were really pleasant and rememberable and I still have good and unforgettable memories regarding the fun, joy, and pleasure we use to have in our summer vacations. whenever my school announces the summer holidays I start planning for how I spent my summer vacations and the programs done as I have discussed.


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