KESC Duplicate Bill Print Online Website Check 2017

 All the information about the KESC  duplicate bill print online website 2017 is given here. You can get all the information about getting KESC  duplicate Bill online. Unfortunately if you lost your KESC  bill you can easily get your duplicate bill by checking our site and by reading this article at all. You are able to get the duplicate bill of KESC  online by visiting a site we have mentioned in this post. KESC  is also known as Karachi Electric Supply Company in Karachi, but mostly people call it KESC, because it’s easy to call and remember also. Karachi is the city of lights as we know that. KESC is at present the only the power utility in Pakistan which is managing the generation, transmission and the distribution of the power utility of the electric city in Pakistan. This the largest electric company of the Pakistan, which covers a huge area of 6,500 square kilometers at all and supplies electricity to the all the industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential area also.

KESC Duplicate Bill Print Online Website Check 2017KESC Duplicate Bill Print Online Website Check 2017

Approximately there are 2.2 million customer are there in Karachi and nearby towns. In KESC is giving jobs to millions of peoples in all over the areas comes under the employers of KESC are nearly 11,000 people. Currently there are millions of people are working. KESC was set up under the Indian companies ACT of 1882 as the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation. KESE.. SO here we have given you all the details about getting you duplicate bill free online from here if you have lost your original KESC bill.

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For Registering to get the Duplicate KESE bill you must have to give your 13-digits Account Number, Consumer Number, Email Address and Mobile number. After giving all these details you will be able to get your duplicate bill. For getting KESE duplicate bill online 2017 visit the website given below with link website. 

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