PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2021

People can check PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2021 for broadband and wireless internet devices.If you are a student, employ or running a business then yes your one of the basic need is the fastest internet connection because in this globalized world we are connecting through the internet so through this page you can get details about PTCL Internet Packages 2021. Users can select any internet packages through PTCL because PTCL is providing 2G, 3G and 4G internet so select PTCL internet packages in below side we are sharing all packages details.  there are many ways to purchase the PTCL broadband by calls, from retailers, by customer service centers and PTCL company offices. PTCL is the fastest growing network as an internet provider so it is introducing new packages for their customers. the packages are for the convenience of the customer and to facilitate your customer through cheap packages. These packages are suitable for every type of customer in Pakistan. PTCL Wireless Internet Packages are also available.

PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2021

PTCL has various internet packages for its customers including 2 GB Packages, 4, GB packages and so on with unlimited downloading. Now users can check PTCL Internet Packages in Pakistan 2021 and can choose the best internet according to their need.

PTCL Internet Packages In Pakistan 2021

PTCL Internet Packages 2021:

PTCL users can subscribe to any of PTCL Internet Packages 2021. There is a huge list of PTCL Packages which are being offered to PTCL customers by this company. So activate to any of these PTCL Internet Packages  and enjoy the fastest internet. Check the below table to get detail about these packages plans.

PTCL 250 Mbps Unlimited Internet PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 1000
PTCL 1mbps economy Package10 GB30 DaysRs 599
PTCL Chargi Evo Cloud and Wingle 30 GB30 DaysRs 1250
PTCL Chargi Evo Cloud and Wingle 20 GB30 DaysRs 1000
PTCL 1 mbps Student PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 1299
PTCL 2 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 1450
PTCL Chargi Evo Cloud and Wingle 50 GB30 DaysRs 1500
PTCL 2 mbps Student PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 1549
PTCL 4 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 1700
PTCL Chargi Evo Cloud and Wingle 75 GB30 DaysRs 2000
PTCL 8 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 2150
PTCL 4 mbps Triple PlayUnlimited30 DaysRs 2150
PTCL Chargi Evo Cloud and Wingle 100 GB30 DaysRs 2500
PTCL 15 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 2650
PTCL 25 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 3200
PTCL 100 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 7500
PTCL 50 mbps Unlimited PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs 5000

These are all the details about Pakistan Telecommunication Line PTCl net packages. After PTCL internet packages if you want to get different internet connection details then visit this website main homepage.

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