How To Make Free Website on WordPress In Urdu

If you want to promote your business to the whole country or the whole world then internet is the best available option in front all of us. one could easily made his or her business website and could reach to all of its customers easily. Making a website is not as much difficult as we made it. This is an era of modern age where using technology is very easy so that is why you can now make your own website which is totally free. Here on this page we are sharing some online business ideas which are very use ful and helpful for you. WordPress is the best and easiest source to make a website that is why I am telling you here about how to make free website on WordPress in Urdu. Urdu is the national Language of Pakistan which could be easily understandable to every one here in Pakistan so this complete procedure will be discuss in URDU with Step by Step. Other then the business website you could also make any entertainment website or a website that could share your personal view or anything you are interested in.

What is WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and easiest tool or you can say platform for creating any website you wanted to. Paid website option is also available on the wordpress where you need to buy a hosting for your website from any web hosting companies that are available in the market and then get your website name (Domain) in against few rupees. Now you are ready to install WordPress on a blog. Now your website is ready to be live. But as our topic today is how to make free website on WordPress so that is why we are not going in detail for the paid website on wordpress. Now down here we are going to discuss the creating free website so do have a look down.

How To Make Free Website on WordPress In Urdu

How To Make Free Website on WordPress In Urdu

WordPress Installation Steps

  1. Open you Internet Browser and type
  2. When website open in front of you there are some categories like education, wedding, arts what you need to do is choose the right category for you website in which you are thinking of making your website.
  3. Once you click on the category the next step is to choose the template of your website.  Template is like the layout or the design you like for your website. There are many templates available for you that are free of cost.

How To Make Free Website on WordPress In Urdu

  1. Once your Choose the template the next step is to give a Domain Name, Your website name.

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  1. Try to choose a name that is unique and different
  2. Once your write your name there will be option available that you want to purchase this domain name or go with the free domain name.
  3. If you go with the Paid Domain Name then you can choose like “” but if you go with the free version then your domain name would be like “”
  4. After choosing free domain name you have to enter your Email Address and a password and then your website is ready to be live.
  5. Now you just need to enter your information which you need to published on your website.

So this is the solution about your search of how to create free website on WordPress in Urdu. You are all now ready to install wordpress on your website domain or blog. You can get our assistance at any point where you stucks during installing the wordpress.

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