History Of Computer Generation In Urdu

We are living in the age of advanced technological computing which has a deep history. Computing derived from computer and computer means a machine which helps humans to do work more efficiently and to safe records in its memory. So here I am talking about the history of computer generation in Urdu. Computers were not so advance as they are now. Old computers were so large in size and works under mechanical principals to operate and to safe data into the memory. With the passage of time these big machines became so compact and digital which later travel towards the latest generations. There was a time when Laptops were not invented and people use CPU and Monitors while later that we get LCDs and compact CPUs (Central Processing Unit). Now a days we have Laptops and smart touch pads which are the most compact and latest design of computer which were never being expected in ancient times. Of course technology has become so advanced and we are living in advanced technological computing. Now keep on reading this page to get the history of computer generation in Urdu.

History Of Computer Generation In Urdu

History Of Computer Generation In Urdu

First Computer Generation (1940 to 1956):

The very first generation of computer was invented by the British Mathematician Charles Babbage. This was a mechanical computer which works by the vacuum tubes and magnetic drums for memory. There was not any electrical component was used in this machine. ABACUS was so bigger in size and it produces so much heat. Only specially trained person was able to use this machine and to understand its special cryptic binary machine language. Moreover these computers were so expensive and were not suitable and accessible for a general user.

Second Computer Generation (1953 to 1963):

The scientist were working to resolve this issue and to bring this huge ABACUS into a compact portable machine form. In results the second generation of computer was invented in the form of a Monitor, A CPU and a Keyboard with ball mouse. It was a great invention by the University of Manchester as a Transistor Computer. In these transistor computers the vacuum tubes were replaced by the transistors and the previous cryptic machine language was shuffled into the symbolic language. There were two different versions of Transistor computers were released that time which was the COBOL Transistors and the FORTRAN transistor computer. It was more efficient computer which has a bigger memory to safe data in it and mostly offices were able to purchase and to utilize their work in computing.

Third Computer Generation (1964 to 1971):

Although transistors were a great invention but the science can never stop working to bring revolution. And the revolution arrived when Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby found the Integrated Circuit (IC) technology. Yes of course! It brings revolution in the history of computer generation. It is because the IC is a very compact form of circuit which is far better than to a transistor. It is a silicon chip which is called as semi conductor to travel computer data from one IC to the other inside the CPU motherboard. In this age the punch cards were replaced by the printouts and more compact form of computer was formed in which we have compact monitor, smaller Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the QWERTY keyboard with pointer mouse. Our recent computers are the best example of third generation computers.

Fourth Computer Generation (1971 to 1999):

The existent rebellion was conveying out with the invention of microprocessor which was named as the fourth generation of computer. It was a smart turn over towards the advanced technology to write the history of computer generation in golden words. The very first microprocessor was The Intel 4004 Chip which was launched in 1971. It was more computers in size, smarter and faster in performance and more reliable to keep and to safe data for long time without any fear of lost. The biggest example of fourth generation computer is the core 2 dual and dual core motherboard. Later that the monitor was converted into LCDs and huge and heavy CPUs were become smaller in size and we get modern and faster computers in front of us.

Fifth Computer Generation (2000 to Present):

Later that we see Laptops in the market which was the most advanced, modern and professional way of computing. Actually the basic invention of first ever laptop was came into being existence in 1968 by Alan Kay at Xerox PARC. First laptop was called as Dynabook which was manufactured by IBM as an APL machine which was portable and more personal and professional. These computers were based on Artificial intelligence technology. Scientist use superconductors and parallel processing to input and output the user understanding data in the form of natural language. 5th generations computers are the most advanced and present technology we are using in computers. My core i7 5th generation computer is also the invention of Alan kay and even now a day’s different operating systems have invented which are making the computer use more efficient and reliable. Now computer is faster than to a human speed and memory.

Hence this is the history of computer generation in Urdu. I am hoping you like this article and well aware about the machine you are using in front of you this time. In case you have any query or confusion or question then you must leave your comment in the following comment box. Thank you!

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