Types Of Computer Security Threats And Risks In Urdu

Today I am talking about types of computer security threats and risks in Urdu. And before start the main point of my topic I would like to make you familiar about what is a computer security threat? A computer security threat is a context which refers to a serious harm to a computer system. Computer threat has a potential to cause some serious damage into the computer CPU (central processing unit). In simple or other words, a computer security threat can also be define as a prompt box appears on the computer or laptop screen with a red color cross sign. It appears with a message notification about a wrong attempt with your system. There are lots of risks which you may face due to these threats such as a one of the biggest and most common risk is the lost of data and the damage of hard drive. Similarly there is a complete detail about types of computer security threats and risks which I have written below to this passage in Urdu. So keep on reading this post to get these details and to keep safe your PC from any type of serious threat.

Types Of Computer Security Threats And Risks In Urdu

Types Of Computer Security Threats And Risks In Urdu

Types Of Computer Security Threats And Risks In Urdu:

In the following side I have elaborate some of the most important and common types of computer security threats in Urdu. These are those threats which you might be seen somewhere while you are working on computer about to downloading a software or doing some type of program which is necessary for your PC to done your wok.

  1. Trojan Horse

Trojan is one of the biggest and the most professional and harmful security threat into a computer system. Trojan horse is actually a hidden online service which designed by special hackers to hack some system to damage or to steal their data. Trojan horse virus is usually seen into the banking system where it badly damages the data of a special PC or even they can hack the whole network. The biggest two example of Trojan virus are Zeus and SpyEye viruses.

  1. Computer Virus

Computer virus is a malware program which was a very common tool in few years back to damage and to disturb a computer system. There were different types of symptoms of computer virus such as copying each data; changing language and slower down the actual speed of a processor. But now a day computer virus have improved with malware function which is now used for earn money purposes. But still some people design a virus for a special purpose otherwise this computer security threat has almost overcome. New windows like window 8. 8.1 And 10 and later versions are free of malware viruses.

  1. System Worms

Computer worms are not actually virus but they tempt to inflate different security threats on a computer. Worms are quicker in speed and generate replicas on their own to spread single data on different computers in the world. Although it is a useful and faster way of carrying a data from one system to another but its work on its own without any human interaction and the faster speed has potential that cause of some serious damage into a system.

  1. Spyware

Referring to the word spy, this type of computer security threat performs the exact as a spyware. It is an actual virus which can enter into a computer to hack its activity without the knowledge of user. Spyware is directly installed into a PC through internet line and after that a hacker or a spyware can redirect a website or he can even steal the personal data like images, videos, contacts and your passwords. It is a very harmful threat but can prompt with installing an anti virus into your PC.

  1. Adware

Net users are well aware with adware malfunction. When an adware attach on your operating system in results your computer, especially your internet browser star automatically showed un-wanted advertisements. In case if you click on any of this advertisement your PC will be hacked and your data will be grabbed without your information by the advertisers.

  1. RootKits

RootKits are real hacking attach attempt by hacker as a cybercrime. This attempt is done by different hacking tools to access the administrative access to a website or a network of a computer. This threat was discovered in 2005 by a blogger who copy protection tool inside music CDs from Sony BMG Music Entertainment and later it was detected and prohibited by the Bruce Schneier.

  1. Botnet

Botnet is also a type of RootKit hacking in which different computers attach with each other through Trojen horse and helps each other  to attach onto a specified computer or a network. A single computer in Botnet is called as zombie while all the botnet work is known as bot herder and a bot master is a leader who actually holds all the zombie computers. Through Botnet they can perform different type of attach on a computer system in which DoS attach is a very common and usual type of security threat.

  1. Phishing

Phishing is a special type of computer security threat which appears into your mail inbox. It comes in the form of a message and a link to click. They send this email through an authentic source and reference so that an unknown person can click on the link they given. This link redirect to the Phishing attack and in results your overall data got hacked by them.

  1. DoS Threat

DOS threat is just used in business websites to stop their publishing for a common user. Even your IP is showing your website to you but when you open it from another IP it will not show your website or it will be redirected to a special page which you don’t know. The attackers render your website and blackmail you to opt your purpose behind this hacking.

  1. Obfuscated Spam

Spam is a special software which comes in the form of advertisement on a outsource page. Spam refers to unwanted messages and Emails into your mailing address. It could be an unwanted link, a harmful data attach into your computer system and even a spam can steal the username and password of your mailing address. So never click on the link you receive as a spam because it could be a obfuscated spam by the hacker.

Besides this there is some more type of computer security threats but these are not so common and used only for some special purposes.

  • Dialer
  • Dropper
  • Fake AV
  • Cookies
  • Bluesnarfing
  • Bluejacking
  • Boot Sector Virus
  • Browser Hijackers
  • Chain Letters
  • Virus Documents
  • Mousetrapping
  • Pharming
  • Crime ware
  • SQL Injection
  • Scareware
  • Keylogger
  • Backdoor
  • Wabbits
  • Exploit

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Hence these are all the details about types of computer security threats and risks in Urdu. You have seen that each type of threat has a special purpose and hacker behind it. But it is a cyber crime and cyber security is working to stop all these types of threats and to work freely on your computer without any interference.


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