How to Share Balance in Ufone, Warid, Zong

Now the subscriber can share his balance to Ufone, Warid and Zong Network from same network to same network. How to share balance to his friends and families members at anytime? Those subscribers want to know how to share balance in Ufone, Jazz,  Warid, Zong that would be keeping in touch with this page. All mobile networks have different method of sharing balance. but here I would like to mention that because jazz and Warid have join hands together so customers of mobilink and warid can share balance on each other. Not worry more the balance sharing detail is given on this page. Ufone had brought sharing balance in Pakistan after all other mobile networks work on it and introduce in new style for its valued customer in Pakistan. At the end subscriber use it when they need balance. When the user share balance to his loves one that receives immediately balance with a network message that shows how much balance has increased.

How to Share Balance in Ufone,Jazz, Warid and Zong Network

How to Share Balance in Ufone,Jazz, Telenor,Warid, Zong

How to Share Balance in Ufone

The subscriber can share balance to following the given procedure.

  • Dial *828*Number*Amount# from your mobile device
  • For example *828*03330123456*30#


  • The subscriber can share balance from Rs.  10 to 200 rupees in single transaction.
  • Service charges will be Rs.  3.99

How to share balance in Zong

  • In write message (number) . (amount) and send this message to 999
  • Type message as 0313xxxxxxx.50 and send message to 999


  • You will receive a confirmation message which you need to reply with “Y” and your balance will be shared.

So these are methods for how to share balance in Ufone,Jazz,Warid, Zong. Hopefully you are all now well familiar with these methods of balance sharing from same account to same networks.Always keep remember that you can only share balance on same networks which means you can not share balance from Ufone to Warid or Warid to telenor. while as we are all known that the Jazz and Warid have combined so you can share jazz balance to warid and warid balance to jazz. for more updates and alters visit the main home page of this website.


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