Zong Conference Call Activation Code Method How To Make

There are so many user of Zong in Pakistan because it is the number one network who is providing best and low rates to the users of it. It has got fame in very short time and usage ration of its customer is increasing day by day. Every one is know with this  telecommunication company, its headquarter in capital of Pakistan- Islamabad and offering voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G. It has launched 4G service recently in this year to give high speed internet to users.China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicon to operate a GSM network in Pakistan from the year of 2008 to present. We found so many user searching for Zong Conference Call Activation Code Method How To Make and we came along with the answer of that question for those how wanted to know that. With the help of Zong Conference Call maximum 10 person can talk at one time. You can have a meeting call with your friends or family member from your mobile by using Conference calling, you can talk to two different contacts at the same time. Most unbelievable things is that there are no charges of using Conference Calling. We have given you the Zong Conference Call Method in details so that you can also get benefit by this service .

Zong Conference Call Activation Code Method How To Make

Zong Conference Call Activation Code Method How To Make

How To Make Zong Conference Call:

The method of making conference call is very easy, just read the below given steps and enjoy the conference call with Zong:

  • First of all you have to contact the first person and wait until he/she pick up the phone , when the first call is on the line, dial second number and press send to include him/her in your call
  • While talking to the callers go to options in your phone and select conference and add more persons by doing this step again and again.
  • To get more information contact the Zing CRO on 310 and get all the relevant information about Zong Conference calling .
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