Top 10 Software Engineering Universities In Pakistan

Have you been thinking about taking admission in BSc software engineering? If yes, then it is much important for you to be good-aware about a best software engineering university in Pakistan. This field of study is not an easy term of engineering. One can only grab a good scope in software engineering if he or she acquire degree from a well reputable institute or university. So in this way here I have prepare list of top 10 software engineering universities in Pakistan. You can choose any university from the list given below. These universities are affiliate with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC). If you are having degree from any of these university you will be in demand either for job or for taking next admission. So you can never underestimate the importance of an university in the way of authentic degree. Just keep on reading and scroll down this page to get this list of top 10 universities offering software engineering in Pakistan.

Top 10 Software Engineering Universities In Pakistan

Top 10 Software Engineering Universities In Pakistan

  1. NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology)

In the list of top 10 software engineering universities in Pakistan, this university comes on the top of the list. NUST stands for National University of Sciences and Technology that was founded by the government of Pakistan in 1981. The university was hence chartered in the year 1993. This university has been put on the list of top 500 universities of the world since 2007.

2. GIKI:

On the second spot, we would bring out with the name of GIKI as abbreviated out to Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. It is located in the place of Topi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This university center has beee all based on the six academic departments on science and engineering.

3. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences:

This educational institution was established in the year 1967. This university has been all involved in giving out the educational services in the scientific as well as engineering, and technological education. It is also the top engineering institute of Pakistan by the HEC in “engineering and technology” category.

4. UET Lahore:

UET comes among the list of top 10th engineering universities in Pakistan as well as in the faculty of software engineering. On the 4th spot, we would bring about the name of UET as abbreviated with the name of “The University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore” that was founded in 1921. This university does come about with the academic programs in the categories of the undergraduate and also in post-graduate, and also in the doctoral studies on engineering, business management and also on social sciences.

5. MUET:

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology is a well known public research university. It is located in the place of Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan. This university has been all put into the affiliation with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

6. UET Taxila:

University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila was set up in the year 1975. This university has been catering with the educational services in the categories of the Bachelor, Master, and also Doctoral degrees in the disciplines in Engineering. It offers degrees in engineering studies mentioning with Computer, Telecom and also in software, Electrical and also in Electronics, Civil, and Environmental and also in Mechanical.


The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences is another one of the leading technical institutions that is all best in offering with the programs on engineering as well as on management sciences, all along with the business administration and also on the social sciences.


COMSATS Institute of Information Technology has set up with its main headquarters that is located in Islamabad. It is one of the top 5 universities of Pakistan that is offering out with the best of the engineering educational services.

9. UET Peshawar:

On the 9th spot, we would add up with the name of UET Peshawar that is putting its main focus of study on science and engineering educational categories. They do cater with the programmer on civil engineering, on natural and social sciences and also on the sections of law, philosophy.

10. NED:

On the last we have the name of NED that is abbreviated as NED University of Engineering and Technology. This university is taken as one of the oldest institution of higher learning on science and technology. It was founded in the year 1922.

So these are all the top 10 software engineering universities in Pakistan. You can take admission in any of these university if you are holding 60% marks in your exams. You are also require to attempt the combined engineering entry test.

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