List Of Private Schools And Colleges in Peshawar

Are you looking for the list of private schools and colleges in Peshawar? Well we all know that Peshawar is one of the main cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is all known out to eb the major commercial hub. Peshawar is taken up to be one of the oldest living cities in Asia. It is one of the basic Islamic cities that are all found to be rich in history. This city is all culturally influenced by Gandhara, Pakhtun and Hindko culture. One best thing about this city is that it is all known best for itspottery, clothing and wood work. It is even highlighted out to be the oldest and hence reputable place for some best educational institutions. In this city the literacy rate is almost 43%. Inside this city you will going to find up many universities, educational schools plus colleges as well that are meant for boys and girls.

List Of Private Schools And Colleges in Peshawar

List Of Private Schools And Colleges in Peshawar

Private Shools in Peshawar:

  1. Anila Institute of Modern Sciences For Girls
  2. Iqra Huffaz Secondary School
  3. Bloomfield Hall School, Peshawar
  4. Hudaibia Model School
  5. Institute of Learning and Motivation
  6. The Knowledge School Gul Bahar Campus, Peshawar

Colleges in Peshawar:

  1. Razi Institute of Medical Sciences
  2. Kyber Medical College
  3. Peshawar Medical College
  4. Islamia Medical College
  5. Islamia Degree College for Girls
  6. Islamia Degree College of Commerce and Computer Science
  7. Islamia College of Education and Higher Studies
  8. Aminah Degree Girls College
  9. Jinnah College for Women
  10. Kyber College of Commerce and Management
  11. Edwards College
  12. Country Meducal College
  13. Government Superior Science College
  14. Muslim College of Commerce and Management
  15. City Girls College
  16. Army Public College
  17. FG College for Women
  18. FG College for Men
  19. Government College of Technology
  20. Peshawar Public School and College
  21. Qurtaba College
  22. Farrabi Degree College
  23. PAF Shaheen College
  24. ICM College System for Boys
  25. ICM College System for Girls
  26. Elizabeth
  27. Forward Girls College
  28. Qurtaba College of Science and Technology
  29. Government College of Technology
  30. Government College of Management Sciences
  31. Frontier Science College
  32. Forward Degree College
  33. Peshwar Public College
  34. Government Frontier College for Women
  35. Frontier Star Model School

Well these were some of the famous and top renowned colleges and schools plus universities inside Peshawar. We are sure that with the help of this list you will be able to find the better education institution for yourself.


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