Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Fare List & Contact Number

Are you planning to go somewhere? if yes then must check Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Fare List & Contact Number for pre-booking. Skyways bus service was founded in 1990 and become the largest bus transportation company in no time. It almost operates in every biggest city of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta etc. Skyways Daewoo Bus Service fare is reasonable as compared to other transportation companies in Pakistan. It has also provided Skyways Daewoo Contact Number for online booking. We have also provided the Fare list in which you will come to know about the city to city fare, like Skyways Daewoo Lahore to Karachi Fare etc. On their given contact numbers, you can also contact to get information about the departure times and arrival times so that you don’t have to wait a lot in their restroom in case if you are going to use Skyways Bus Service.

Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Fare List & Contact Number

Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Fare List & Contact Number

Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Fare List:

These are some Skyways Daewoo bus Service fare list from Lahore to other cities, Rawalpindi to other cities that you can check from this website.

From To Fare
Lahore Peshawar RS 900
Lahore D.G. Khan RS 800
Lahore Multan- Economy RS 620
Lahore Multan- Luxury RS 620
Lahore Okara RS 250
Lahore Sadiqabad RS 1400
Lahore Muzaffargarh RS 800
Lahore Bahawalpur RS 800
Lahore Liaqatpur RS 1080
Lahore JamPur RS 950
Lahore Khan Pur RS 1300
Lahore Rajan Pur RS 1000
Lahore FazalPur RS 1000
Lahore Rawalpindi RS 730
Lahore Karachi RS 2600
Lahore Murree RS 1000
Lahore Sahiwal- Luxury RS 370
Lahore Sahiwal- Economy RS 350
Lahore Rahim Yar Khan RS 1400
Rawalpindi, Islamabad Peshawar RS 890
Rawalpindi, Islamabad Okara RS 250
Rawalpindi, Islamabad D.G Khan RS 800
Rawalpindi, Islamabad Sadiqabad RS 1400
Rawalpindi, Islamabad Ahmad pur sharqia RS 1000
Rawalpindi, Islamabad Muzaffargarh (Day) RS 600
Rawalpindi, Islamabad Muzaffargarh (Night) RS 700
Islamabad, Rawalpindi Lahore RS 900
Islamabad, Rawalpindi Murree RS 890
Islamabad, Rawalpindi Sahiwal RS 350
Islamabad, Rawalpindi Multan RS 650
Islamabad, Rawalpindi Rahim Yaar Khan RS 1400
Islamabad, Rawalpindi Bahawalpur RS 800

This is just an estimated fare from one city to another city. If you want to check the latest and exact fare then you can visit the below link and enter your location and destination to calculate fare.

Skyways Online Booking and Fare Calculation

Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Contact Number:

Skyways Contact Number is available for pre-booking and information queries. You can check Skyways Daewoo Bus Service Contact Number which are given below.

UAN: 111-555-567

Sargodha: 048-3210082, 0321 6051721

Lahore: 042-37470241-43, 0300 4654085 / 042-111-555-567

Islamabad: 051- 4455242-43 / 051-111-555-567

Faisalabad: 041-2622341 / 041-111-555-567

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