Jazz Islamic Mobitune Code List 2022

Here we are sharing Jazz Islamic Mobitune Code List 2022 details on this page. Ramadan is coming and most of the people want to change their mobitune or caller tune with Islamic mobitunes. Here you will be able to get the Islamic Mobitunes and will be able to set these tunes on your phone. There is a big list of Islamic Mobitunes including Naat, Hamd, Manqabat and you will get them here. The mobitune is actually a tune that rings on one’s mobile who is calling you. In Pakistan, different telecom companies are working and providing telecommunication services but according to my personal experience Jazz is the only Telecom sector that is providing the batter service also with cheap rates. So, it is also offering very good mobitunes that you will really like. If you want any of them, then this page will be very useful. Scroll down to check Jazz Caller Tunes Codes List 2022 and use the one you like.

Jazz Islamic Mobitune Code List 2022

Jazz users who are looking for the Jazz Islamic Mobitunes can check the list of codes and can activate these tunes by dialing these codes. We are sharing the latest Islamic tunes and Naats for Jazz users on this website.

Jazz Islamic Mobitune Code List 2022 Naats and Bayan

Jazz Islamic Mobitune Code List 2022:

This is the complete list of Jazz Islamic Mobitunes Code List 2022. So check the below list and set the caller tune from below Naats.

Naat Name  Naat Activation Code
Yeh Kis Shahenshah Ki Amad 302743
Meri Baat Ban Gai 343656
Khudi Ka Sirr E Niha 388293
Dil Soz Say Khali Hai 388236
Yaad E Nabi Ka Gulshan Mehka 451895
Lo Madine Ki Tajali Se 309391
Jadon Waqt E Niza Aaye 470729
Tu Mera Rakhwala Abdul Mustafa Naat 100776
Try Not To Cry Sami Yusuf Naat 100498
The Creator Sami Yusuf Naat 100497
The Cave Of Hira Sami Yusuf Naat 100496
Tere Bande Hain Hafiz Tahir Qadri Naat 100867
Nazar Karam Saira Naseem Naat 100793
Paare Paare Abida Khanum Qawali 100840
Paigam saba laie hai Nayyara Noor Naat 100828
Parwar Digaar Abida Khanum Qawali 100841
Phir Tasawar Muhammad Rashid Naat 100784
Pukaro Ya Rasool Allah Farhan Ali Qadri Naat 100864
Punjtan Awais Qadri Naat 100849
Pushto Naat Awais Qadri Naat 100475
Pyara Pyara Dr Amir Liaqat Naat 100858
Qasid Barda Sharif Qadri Wahid Zafar Naat 100484
Rasha Makawaa (Pushto) Junaid Jamshaid Naat 100480
Rehmat Da DaryaIlahi Jazrat Mian Naat 100780
Rok Laiti Hai Shehzad Madni Naat 100877
Sab say aala o aala Abid Raoof Qadri Naat 100829
Saeen Junoon Hamd 100152
Sale Ala Sale Ala Mohammad Rashid Naat 100147
Sallo Ale Hay Wa AlleHi Mehnaz Naat 100869
Sarkar ka jashan manaein gay Rashid Azam Naat 100830
Sayyedi Aala Hazrat Naat 100775
Shahe Madina Saira Naseem Naat 100794
Shahe Madina Abida Khanum Qawali 100842
Shehre Madina Junaid Jamshed Naat 100881
Sirf ek baar Alhaj Khurshid Ahmad Naat 100831
Subah Taiba Mein Hui Nisar Marfani Naat 100871
Supplication Sami Yusuf Naat 100495
Taj Daare Harum Abida Khanum Qawali 100843
Tajdar e Haram Maqbool Sabri Qawali 100156
Tala al badro aliyana Waheed Zafar Qasmi Naat 100832

How To Subscribe to Jazz Mobitunes:

There are two different methods for How to subscribe to Jazz Mobitunes. We are sharing both methods so that you can easily activate these caller tunes.

Method One:

  • Call any of your contact numbers who have set a caller tune
  • Now Press *3 and active that tune on your number
  • In this case, the tune will be the same as that contact number had

Method Two:

  • Go to Write SMS
  • Type SMS Sub
  • Send this message to 230

How to Unsubscribe Mobitunes:

  • Just type one message “Unsub” and send it to 230.


  • For Subscribe or Unsubscribe you can get dial 230

Charges for Prepaid Users:

  • VR. Charges Rs. 0.72/Min (By dialing 2301)
  • IVR Charges Rs. 2.84/Min (By dialing 230
  • SMS Charges is 7.99 plus tax (through SMS)
  • The subscription Charge is 7.99 plus tax.

So, this is all about Jazz Islamic Mobitune Code List 2022 Naats and Bayan. Hopefully, you are confident about the post. After the Islamic mobitunes code list of Jazz details if you want to get different telecom packages details then visit this website’s main home page because we are already shared different telecom company call, SMS, and internet services packages.

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