International SMS Rates Of Warid, Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor

international sms rates of warid, jazz, zong, ufone, telenor all details are available in this page you can get relevant information with example and question answer so do not miss all this and get all information through this page read it carefully. In Pakistan technology sectors improve day by day and lot of foreign investment involve in this sector one of the sector who get day by day lot of achievements that is telecom sector.

Telecom Is the one of Pakistan Sector that get maximum revenue and give best service for people. lot of companies working in this sector that mostly give best service with cheap calling are SMS rates with also value added services. Now here we discuss International SMS packages of al Pakistani telecom companies.

international sms rates of warid, jazz, zong, ufone, telenor

Warid International SMS Packages:

Warid provide two packages that is IR incoming SMS and second one is SMS Roaming while you travel in abroad. Here we discuss both packages.

Warid international roamers have always found text messaging a fast and convenient way to keep in touch with their family and friends while travelling abroad. Now to accommodate our postpaid subscribers as well, Warid is offering incoming SMS Free of Cost (FOC) without any subscription charges, providing them the convenience to stay connected using SMS. Warid has yet again reached another milestone by proving to be a customer oriented operator.

offer Details by warid:

Free incoming SMS while roaming. Is this offer valid for both Warid Prepaid & Warid Postpaid subscribers and This offer is already available for Prepaid subscribers and it is now being offered to our Postpaid subscribers as well. It is only for Warid subscribers, roaming abroad. if you want for further information please contact 321.

International SMS rooming:

You can Send and receive SMS while traveling abroad Warid brings you even more excitement with Pakistan’s first ever Roaming SMS. Warid is proud to have launched ‘SMS Roaming’ for the first time in Pakistan, which facilitates you in staying in touch with your contacts and loved ones while you roam around the world. You can send & receive SMS while traveling abroad. Messages are sent instantly to your friends and family regardless of the day & time, just as it would be back home.

Subscription Method:

  1. For Postpaid subscribers who already have a credit limit of Rs. 2000, no walk-in or call to helpline required
  2. To activate SMS Roaming send “IRSMSON” to 129
  3. Rs. 100 will be charged for activation each time
  4. A security deposit of Rs. 2000 (refundable) will be required. In case you already have Rs. 1000 against your deposit, you will only need to deposit an additional Rs. 1000
  5. Service will be activated only for two weeks: at the end of this period, service would be automatically deactivated
  6. Only SMS facility will be available once the service is activated; voice calls facility has to be activated separately as per the terms & conditions of IR
  7. Regular IR SMS rates will be applicable. Please refer to the international SMS rates in the IR tariff guide. Any updates to IR Tariffs will be applicable to SMS Roaming as well
  8. Free incoming SMS while on roaming is available at several destinations
  9. To deactivate the service, sen “IRSMSOFF” to 129. (No charges for deactivation)
  10. For further information kindly contact Customer Services @ 321.

Mobilink International Roaming:

Our prepaid and postpaid customers can travel to over 130 global destinations, now grouped in six distinct pricing zones having uniform SMS rates, and enjoy connecting with their loved ones with unparalleled convenience. Following are the main features of the new tariff plan:

  1. Simple and easy-to-understand
  2. Same SMS price for all destinations
  3. Same price for all operators in a country
  4. Only six pricing zones (compared to 300 tariff structures used earlier)
  5. Only 11 distinct prices (compared to more than 20,000 prices used earlier)

Here we give you three link that provide you details information regarding Mobilink international Roaming.

International Roaming Tariff Guide
GPRS Roaming Tariff Sheet
Inflight Roaming Tariff sheet

Telenor International SMS Packages:

Enjoy Sending & Receiving text messages to & from your friends and family with Telenor’s Short Messaging Service. It’s a great way to keep in touch! The Short Messaging Service (SMS) is activated on your Telenor subscription automatically.In addition to over 100 International destinations where you can send SMS, you can now also receive text messages from your friends and family living abroad.The maximum length of one text message is limited to 160 alphanumeric characters. If your message exceeds 160 alphanumeric characters you will be charged for multiple text messages.

Details of SMS Package by Telenor:

  1. All international/national incoming SMS Free of cost
  2. All international outgoing SMS Rs. 5 + 19.5% (Sales Tax)

International SMS Bucket by Ufone:

Ufone always manages to come up with the absolute best offers for our valued customers. Keeping this tradition alive, Ufone introduces for the first time in Pakistan, an unmatched International SMS bundle offer. International SMS Bucket provides U with the lowest SMS rates to 23 destinations worldwide.

SMS Count






Rs 4.99 + Tax

24 Hours

SMS “sub” to 6055 or dial *6055#

SMS “unsub” to 6054

Term and condition:

  1. SMS Buckets do not include Premium SMS
  2. User can check the remaining SMS in the bucket by sending blank SMS on 606
  3. International SMS Package will now automatically re-subscribe after 24 hrs , i.e. you will not have to re-subscribe the bucket through 6055 everyday
  4. In order to provide optimal quality of services to all subscribers during the heavy traffic period, SMS Packages shall be automatically revised or suspended on Religious and National Holiday, regular SMS and data charges shall apply for such duration.
  5. Any network not covered in the list is not covered.

Zong International SMS:

Zong telecom company provide fastest SMS service with cheap rates so you can enjoy with this service. you can send and receive SMS in lot of country like USA, UK, UAE etc. you can send SMS to your dad, mother or Friends so get this offer if you are Zong user.

To send an international sms, please follow the simple steps-

  1. Write your message
  2. Enter recipient’s number as described below
  3. (00)(Country Code)(Subscriber Number)
  4. Send
  5. Country Codes

Please note that certain international SMS may not be delivered to International destination (Outgoing SMS) or delivered to ZONG customers from International destinations (incoming SMS) if:

  1. The message box of the recipient’s mobile phone is full
  2. The recipient’s mobile service operator does not support SMS service at any given time
  3. The recipient’s mobile phone number is invalid
  4. The message is lost at the mobile operator’s system due to unknown reason
  5. The recipient turns off the mobile phone
  6. The foreign mobile service operator’s short message system is out of order.


This service is not a subscribe based service.

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