How To Unlock Ufone SIM Puk Code PIN

We are telling you complete procedure about how to unlock Ufone SIM Puk code PIN online details. If you are a prepaid user of Ufone and your SIM has been blocked with Puk 1 or Puk 2 codes, then by following this method you can easily unblock Ufone Puk code without going at the franchise or wasting your time with any other who can waste your time. We are telling you just a simple code which you have to dial or you can send an SMS to the Ufone company and they will reply you with your Sim code Puk PIN. Ufone has become the best mobile network which is not only offering the best ever services for their grateful users but they are also offering customer care services online where one doesn’t have any further need to travel at the one-stop-shop. By reading this article you will get the complete method and procedure which will help you out to get more details about to resolve the Puk code issue in your prepaid or postpaid sim.

How To Unlock Ufone SIM Puk Code

In the following side we are sharing three different methods about how to unlock Ufone Sim Puk code pin for prepaid users. PUK code is a special security restriction applied by the company for stop using the sim on a wrong Puk. Sometimes it also refers to the reference of your sim location and usage authority. But dont worry if you have lost this aurhotity because now you can unblock Ufonr Sim Puk code.

How To Unlock Ufone SIM Puk Code PIN Remove

If your sim is working properly and you want to save your Ufone prepaid sim Puk code then the procedure is very easy and simple. It will help you out to keep save your PUK number in your mindset. While in case of anyone who will not save it will have some other options which are also written down after this heading.

  • From your dial pad dial *336# and press enter
  • Go to the profile of your account where you will get the Ufone Puk code

How To Unblock Ufone PUK Code?

By the above method, you will get your Ufone Sim PUK code PIN. Or if you do not yet have any PUK code for entry into your blocked sim, then you have to take any other mobile and dial same code *336# and go the profile of the required number and the PUK code will be shown there.

  • From any other mobile phone, you can dial the 333 Ufone service center to talk with some operator to get the PUK code for your sim
  • Puk code is also mentioned on the sim card wrapper
  • Now enter the Puk code and press the dial button to activate your sim card again

Hence I have written down complete details about how to unlock Ufone SIM PUK code PIN online details are written here. Hope you have obtained all the details for your search query, but in case of any further details, you can send your comment in the following commenting section.

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  1. Mara ufone k numbr pe puk coad laga hai kesy khuly gais sim pe mary contect parhy hain replace nai krva sakta agr koi hal hai to mahrbani kr k bata deeen


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