Zong International Call Rates From Pakistan

Zong is not only giving the offers in only Pakistan but it is also giving so many Zong International Call Rates From Pakistan. Due to Zong nationwide rates and international low call, SMS and internet Packages it is getting fame day by day. There are so many people having relatives out side of the country and they must need to stay in touch with them. For that users, Zong International Dialing offer is here for Pakistani subscribers .Zong is a pan Pakistani mobile network operator and its headquarter is based in Islamabad, which offers voice and data services ranging from postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services. Now there is no need to use slow internet at all, because Zong is giving you the high speed internet with low rates. Just like internet you can call abroad with low call rates and stay in touch with your loved ones. There are so many other networks who are giving international packages but with Zong you can get call and SMS packages for 15 day and monthly also.  Zong International Direct Dialing offers details are given under here :

Zong International Call Rates From Pakistan

Zong International Call Rates From Pakistan

IDD Free Calls To Lyca Mobile

Subscription Code

By dialing *678#

Sr. No Countries Country Codes Dialing Pattern
1 Austria 436886 8800436886
2 Belgium 324 8800324
3 Denmark 45 880045
4 USA 1 88001
5 Germany 491521 8800491521
6 Ireland 353899 8800353899
7 Netherlands 3168 88003168
8 Norway 47 880047
9 Portugal 35192 880035192
10 Romania 407 8800407
11 Spain 346 8800346
12 Sweden 467 8800467
13 Switzerland 41779 880041779
14 United Kingdom 4474 88004474

Zong IDD Saudi Arabia:

Zong IDD Saudi Arabia

Subscription Code:

  • Dial *6966#
  • Type “Sub” and send SMS to 6966
Types of Bundle Subscription Charges Free Minutes Validity
Bundle 1 PKR 100 + Tax 15 1 Week
Bundle 2 PKR 200 + Tax 30 15 Days
Bundle 3 PKR 500 + Tax 75 1 Month
Bundle 4 PKR 1,000 + Tax 150 1 Month

Zong One Rupee Offer:

Zong One Rupee Offer

Country Landline Mobile
India PKR 2 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
Hong Kong PKR 2 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
Poland PKR 2 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
UK PKR 1 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
Denmark PKR 1 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
France PKR 1 / Minute PKR 20 / Minute
Germany PKR 1 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
Netherland PKR 1 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
Spain PKR 1 / Minute PKR 2 / Minute
USA PKR 1 / Minute PKR 1 / Minute
Canada PKR 1 / Minute PKR 1 / Minute
Italy PKR 1 / Minute PKR 30 / Minute

In Pakistan it is the first overseas association of China Mobile through acquisition of a license from Millicon to operate a GSM network in Pakistan from the year of 2008 to present. Here we want to mention Zong telecom recently paid $516 amount for different international frequencey like 10MHz and 2,1 GHz. through this frequency Zong 3G and 4G service is working in Pakistan without any technical problem and slow speed issue.  after Zong 3G and 4G technology short derails in below side different Zong offers and code details is available on this page so just click on red and blue link and get information about Zong SMS, Call and international packages offer.

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