Renewable & Nonrenewable Energy Sources In Pakistan

Every One like to gets updated info about Renewable & Nonrenewable Energy Sources In Pakistan. There are so many energy sources in Pakistan which can be differentiated in two sections, these two sections are being defined below;

Renewable Sources In Pakistan:

One is those energy sources which are being acquired naturally from the environment. The power or energy which is being derived and being formulated from the natural sources in the world. The renewable sources which are available in Pakistan include the following:

  • Sun: The light which is being obtained from the sun can be used to produce electricity and to create energy, this involved the using solar panels which receives the sun light and then transmits it through the solar panel to generate electricity. Solar energy is not so popular in Pakistan but still it is present and is being operated at various places in the country, not on domestic scale but on commercial scale.
  • Wind: Wind Energy is also being used in Pakistan on very minor basis but is still a very competent source of energy. The wind mills are being placed on the hilly areas where the speed of wind is high which moves the wind mills and this movement results in the production of electricity.
  • Tides and Water: Water stored in dams or utilized directly from the river is one of the most popular and effective source of generating energy in Pakistan, as the water is being used to move the turbine which ultimately produces the electricity.

Renewable & Nonrenewable Energy Sources In Pakistan

Renewable & Nonrenewable Energy Sources In Pakistan

Non-Renewable Sources In Pakistan:    

The non-renewable energy sources are the sources which are available on the earth surface or even beneath the surface

  • Natural Gas: Natural gas which is available in the province of Baluchistan in Pakistan is a well-known nonrenewable source of generating energy in Pakistan and not only for the domestic purposes but also on commercial scale natural gas is being used to generate energy by heating the furnaces and concluding in the generation of energy.
  • Coal: Coal is also a very popular resource available in Pakistan which is serving for hundreds of years in the process of generating energy in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of those fortunate countries which have large reserves of this nonrenewable resource for production of energy.
  • Fossil Fuels: It is not so popular resource in Pakistan but still is being tested several times on large scales and in the commercial zones. The energy is being generated by the wastes and the bodies which are being buried numerous years ago. It is the energy which is being acquired by the natural process of anaerobic decomposition of the buried dead organisms.

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