Nowruz 2021 Date And Time In Pakistan

People from Pakistan can check Nowruz 2021 Date and Time in Pakistan. Nowruz is the Iranian New Year which is also considered as the Persian New Year. It is being celebrated worldwide by different ethnolinguistic groups for 3000 years in Western Asia, Black Sea Basin, Central Asia, Balkans, and the Caucasus. For some communities, it is a holy day and there is a Public holiday in some countries including Iran. It is the first day of the first month Farvardin of the Iranian Calendar. The day is observed when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator. People observe several rituals on this day to celebrate this day.

Nowruz 2021 Date And Time In Pakistan

According to Some Muslim Shia beliefs, Nowroz is the day on which Hazrat Ali (R.A) Ascended the throne of the Islamic Khilafah. A group of Muslims also believes that the Nowruz is the day on which the universe started its motion. Hazrat Adam was also created on this day. Some Muslims also believe that Hazrat Ali was also born on this day.

Nowruz 2021 Date in Pakistan is 21st March 2021.

Nowruz 2021 Time In Pakistan is 9:00 AM.

Nowruz 2021 Date And Time In Pakistan

Nowruz in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the mostly Shia group migrated from Iran so they used to celebrate their cultural event in Pakistan too. Asides from this, there are also some other Shias who haven’t migrated from Iran but still they believe that if the parent country for Shias which is Iran, celebrates this day then they should also celebrate this day to present themselves as Shia Muslims. In Pakistan, this day is not being celebrated on a majority level but being celebrated by Shia, Ismaili, and some Hazara communities living in this country. Balochi people are usually involved in the celebration of this cultural event of Iran.

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