Lahore Postal Code And Zip Code List Of Different Areas

Are you sitting abroad or anywhere in the world and want to contact in Lahore Pakistan? Or do you want to send something like a gift or document or letter to someone sitting in Lahore Pakistan? You are required the postal and zip code for doing this. Here I have arranged the Lahore Postal Code And Zip Code List Of Different Areas. Most of the time you might notice that when you make a call to another country’s number without a code the operator doesn’t accept it and declare that the number you are dialing is incorrect or it is not in use by anyone.

Lahore Postal Code And Zip Code List Of Different Areas

Area Name Postal Code
CMA Cantt. Lahore 54800
Gulberg Colony 54660
Kahna Nau 53100
Lahore Defence Housing Society 54792
Model Town Lahore 54700
Township Sector A-1 Lahore 54770
Aitchison College 54030
Awan Colony 54780
Bahria Town 53720
Barki 53200
Chuhang 53800
Kohinoor Energy 55160
Lahore EME Society PO 53710
Lahore GPO 54000
Lahore New University Campus 54590
Lahore P&T Audit 54550
Lahore Secondary Board 54650
Manga Mandi 55270
Mughalpura 54840
Thokar Niaz Beg 53700
Shah Alam Market 54100
Shahi Mohallah 54110
Bata Pur 53400
Ferozepur Road Lahore 54600
Harbanspura 54850
Lahore Cantt. GPO 54810
Lahore Ismail Nagar 54760
Tajpura 54870
Wahga 53600
Alfalah 54020
Baghbanpura 54920
Balloki 55210
Chah Miran 54900
Jallo 53500
Lahore Iqbal Town 54570
Lahore Engineering University 54890
Lahore Multan Road 54500
Lahore PMG Punjab Post Office 54560
Lahore Punjab Governor House 54880

Here one thing which I would like to mention is that you must keep in mind that the postal code or Zip code are the same things or you can say as the same codes are used in both conditions. The difference is just countries such as in the USA people use to say ZIP Code while in other countries the word postal code is used. Beside the Zip and postal code, there is a country code which is the same for all the cities of a country such as the country code of Pakistan is +92. Watch the following table which is about Lahore Postal code and Lahore Zip code.

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Whenever you listen to such types of notifications then must check and verify your number again that either you have entered the postal and zip code with your number or not. On this website, we are providing the postal codes of almost all the major cities of Pakistan. So keep on reading this post to get the details about the Lahore postal code and zip code list of different areas.

So these are the Lahore Postal Code And Zip Code List Of Different Areas. you can write this postal or zip code in the online filling form as well as when you are going to send something online or going to order online from Lahore Pakistan you will be required these codes. If someone writes the wrong postal or zip code of Lahore he will be considered as the wrong entry.

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