Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2023

Here we are sharing the Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2023 with specifications. If you are living in Pakistan then you can face load shedding after a few weeks because the weather is changing and, according to different electricity supply companies’ press releases, this year again people can face load shedding. For the last 15 years, Pakistan has faced a load shedding problem and no single government has been working on electricity production. That is the reason every year UPS and generator sales increase as compared to the previous year. Because of load shedding, one solution is only based on generators and UPS.

Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2023

Homage Generator is the best product for load shedding, so if you are thinking about the solution to load shedding, then just buy a homage generator. The Homage electronic company is a very popular and big company in Pakistan. That is the reason this company’s market share is rapidly increasing in the electronic industry.  Now, on the right, you can find information about Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2023.

Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan

Homage Generator Price In Pakistan 2023:

Here, through this page, you can get details about the best generator name and model with the price, so read further information that has been collected by deep research. Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2023 detail are given below.

Generator Price
Generator 3.0KVA – Hgr-3.0KVD – Red RS 58,500
Hgr-2.5KVD – Generator 2.5KVA without ATS RS 40,500
Homage Electric Generator
RS 63,000
HGR-2.80 – Generator – 2.8 KVD RS 72,799
Generator 3.0KVA – Hgr-3.0KVD RS 57,500
HGR-2.8KV-D 2.8 Kilo Watt Generator With Gas Kit RS 62,500
Generator 1.0KVA – Hgr-1.0KVD RS 34,500
Homage Self Start 3.0 KVA Gas & Petrol Generator With wheels, Oil, Gas Kit, Battery RS 45,000

Homage Generator 2.8 Kva Specifications:

This model is very popular among users because its key specifications are amazing and its fuel capacity is mindblowing. So, for your interest, I will try to tell you the detailed key specifications of the 2.8 Kva model.

  • Maximum output: 2.8KW
  • System for getting started
  • Battery made of lead-acid
  • The Gas supply kit
  • 16L fuel tank capacity
  • A Digital Meter
  • Double Muffler
  • Handles and wheels
  • 2 liters per hour
  • Fuel Oil

Homage Generator 2.5 Kva Price In Pakistan:

This best quality Homage Generator is available at a reasonable price and this is the first choice of those areas where the light is not found for a long time.

Homage Generator 2.5 Kva Price: Rs. 52,999

Homage Generator 6kva Price In Pakistan:

In Pakistan, there are many generator companies, but among them, the homepage is a name that is in demand. Its popularity stems from the fact that it maintains high quality at a reasonable price.

Homage Generator 6kva Price: Rs. 97499

You can get the latest technology through Homage Generator Prices In Pakistan 2023, such as a standby option, an automatic on and off option, and a transfer system, so if you’re interested, buy a homage generator in Lahore or any other city.

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