Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022

Get the latest rates of Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022 for 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2 Ton DC inverter AC. Changhong Ruba, the largest consumer electronics and home appliances manufacturer with a presence in more than 110 countries, has shaken hands in collaboration with the Ruba Group to launch its co-brand ‘’ Changhong Ruba’’ and flat-panel category products. Changhong’s higher management from China and Ruba Group graced the launch ceremony of brands in Pakistan like AC, LEDs, and many other home appliances. It is a huge company that is giving you affordable prices on DC Inverter AC.

These split ACs are made up of high and unique technology and are available in different sizes from 1.0 tons to 3.0 tons. We are sharing the Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022, of all the latest model AC prices available in the market.

Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022

The number one electronics company, Changhong Ruba, AC price list is available here. Changhong Ruba has introduced the low-voltage DC inverter AC, which is very useful and commonly available on the market. You can buy any air conditioner from the below-given list. Now Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022 comes with a new technology which proved us both heat and cool. Now you can enjoy it not only in the summers but also in the winters too.

Changhong Ruba Ac Prices In Pakistan

Changhong Ruba Inverter Ac 1.5 Ton Price In Pakistan 2022:

Here is the list of Changhong Ruba AC prices in Pakistan for 2022 with their updated prices. Check the prices and select the one according to your needs and budget. Everyone knows that prices change with the start of the new year, and customers are confused about the new prices. From here, people can collect the correct data about the latest model prices that are available in Pakistan.

Model Price
Changhong Ruba 18EA 1.5 ton heat & cool DC inverter AC RS 85,999
Changhong Ruba SDH-18SW Pro 1.5 Ton Heat and Cool DC Inverter RS 87,999
Changhong Ruba SC-18JW3 1.5 Ton / 18000BTUs RS 72,999
Changhong Ruba SDH-18OWi 1.5 Ton Heat&Cool Smart DC Inverter RS 106,999
Changhong Ruba 18SW 1.5 Ton DC invertor – Auto Cleaning – Heat & Cool
RS 78,999
CHIQ – SDH-18OWi -1.5 Ton Heat & Cool, Smart DC inverter RS 126,999
Changhong Ruba CHIQ – SDH-18OCi – Heat & Cool, Smart DC inverter RS 130,999
Changhong Ruba-SDH-18EAi – 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool Smart DC Inverter RS 102,499
Changhong Ruba SDH-18FAi 1.5 Ton Heat&Cool Smart DC Inverter RS 89,999

Changhong Ruba Inverter Ac 1 Ton Price In Pakistan:

This list is provided for those people who are interested in Changhong Ruba inverter ac 1 ton and the price in Pakistan is reasonable. So let’s check out the Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022.

Model Price
1 Ton / 12000BTUs – Wall Mount DC Inverter RS 62,999
Changhong Ruba SDC-12CW 1 Ton – Turbo Cooling RS 57,999
12SA02G – Split Air Conditioner – 1 Ton Inverter RS 55,000
CHAC 12GA01G 1 Ton inverter Air Conditioner RS 55,000
Changhong Ruba Split Air Conditioner – 1 Ton – Silver RS 54,500


  • Smart LED for displaying and controlling temperature.
  • Remote Controller
  • Auto-restart
  • Pure Copper Pipe and Hydrophilic Fins
  • Fan Speed Modes: Auto, Slow, High, Full Speed
  • Other Mode: Cool Fan, Humidity, and Sleep Mode.
  • Tooth-Shaped
  • Inner grooved copper tubes

After reading about the Changhong Ruba AC prices in Pakistan in 2022, we are also sharing some more information. This company is creating an easy life. It’s a Chinese company that recently launched electronic devices of every type in our city, Pakistan, We have also given you all the details about the Changhong Ruba AC Prices In Pakistan 2022, and this company comes with different items like the Smart LED TV that was recently launched in Pakistan, and now we are going to bring you the new Changhong Ruba Split ac and its prices. This is an irresistible air conditioner launched by a Chinese company; it gives you extra cooling in place of other air-conditioned this company .

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