GFC Fan Price In Pakistan 2021

With the arrival of summer, the No.1 brand has introduced GFC Fan Price In Pakistan 2021 for new and old models. GFC is one of the largest electric manufacturing company which is proving the best quality Electric fans to its customers. The company was established in 1954 and since then it has made its reputation in the electric fans market. With the rise of prices of Raw material, the prices of GFC fans fluctuate every year. Those who are looking for purchasing GFC fans in Pakistan must check the latest price from this website to save their money and time. These prices are defined by the officials of the GFC fan and dealers and whole sellers can sell these fans according to this price list.

GFC Fan Price In Pakistan

GFC is offering different types of Fans including pedestal fans, ceiling fans, bracket fans, and many others. So on the below side, we will share the detail of GFC Fan Price In Pakistan 2021 which are according to the GFC officials. For buying the fan from get the details about the prices on this page.

GFC Fan Price In Pakistan 2021

GFC Pedestal Fan Price:

On this website, you will find GFC Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan 2021. Different Pedestal fans are being offered by the company according to price range and style range. The latest and up-to-date prices are given here.

Fan model Price
GFC Pedestal Myga Model 24′ Black
Rs. 7,100
GFC Pedestal/Standing TCP Fan Rs. 5,500
Standing/Pedestal TCP Louver Fan Copper Winding
Rs. 5,400
GFC Standing/Pedestal Fan – Standard Model 24” – Copper Winding Rs. 7,450
GFC Pedestal/Standing TCP Fan – Metal Base Model 18” –
Rs. 4,850
GFC Deluxe Model Pedestal Fan – 24 Inch
Rs. 6,385
GFC Standard Model Pedestal Fan – 20 Inch

GFC Ceiling Fan Price In Pakistan:

GFC fan is also offering various models of Ceiling fans. For this, we are sharing GFC Ceiling Fan Price In Pakistan 2021 for the customers. Celling fans are the need of every room and the room looks incomplete without ceiling fans. So check the latest prices and purchase today.

Fan Model Price
GFC Ceiling Fan Elite Series-Classic Model Dark Wood RS 4,890
GFC Supreme Plus Model Ceiling fan size 56” RS 4,690
GFC Crescent RS 5,400
GFC Grand Deluxe Ceiling Fan 60” RS 4,899
GFC Mansion Model 56” RS 4,999
GFC Sigma Model Size 56” RS 4,450
GFC VIP Model Size 56” RS 4,999

GFC Mist Fan Price in Pakistan:

GFC has also introduced GFC Mist Fan to its customers. In the hot summer, these GFC Mist fans are best to beat the heat. So check the GFC Mist Fan price in Pakistan. So check the latest prices from the below table.

Fan Model Price
GFC Mist Fan Pedestal Copper Winding 24” RS 14,850

So this was the complete information about GFC Fan Price In Pakistan . Hopefully, you got the details about all the fan prices and details. You can buy any of the fans by visiting the nearest Fan Shop or by the official website of GFC Fans. Stay tuned with us for more similar posts.

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