Best Air Cooler In Pakistan 2019 With Price

With the arrival of Summer, people want to check Best Air Cooler In Pakistan 2019 With Price. The hot season of summer is going to start in Pakistan from April till July or August for four months. The intensity of heat is getting higher every year in these months as well as the electricity conditions are also getting worse correspondingly. The voltages are not fully flowing to full fill the need of a general consumer. There are various reasons of load shading in this season in which usage of ACs is the most common reason. Moreover, it also increases the electricity bill which is really not a good thing for our budget. So if you want to stay away from all these types of hitch you must buy an air cooler. An air cooler will not only provide you the best frigidity but it will also keep in control your electricity bill ratio. So here on this page, we are providing you a list of the best air cooler in Pakistan  with price and pictures.

Best Air Cooler In Pakistan 2019 With Price

There are different companies which are offering portable room air cooler but all these companies are not providing the best air cooler in Pakistan. So if you want to experience the best cooling capacity with cheaper rates then must anyone from the below-given list of the best air cooler in Pakistan 2019 with the price.

Best Air Cooler In Pakistan 2019 With Price

Best Air Cooler In Pakistan Companies:

The following electronics companies are the best in the manufacturing of portable room air cooler. You can choose any of these companies on which you have confidence and have experienced.

  • Orient
  • Boss
  • Omega
  • Sogo
  • Geepas

Best Air Cooler Price in Pakistan:

In the below side, we are sharing the best Air Coolers in Pakistan along with their prices and specifications. So check and get detail about these Air coolers and purchase before summer because the prices are low in this season as compared to summer.

Product   Price Range Specifications
Orient Tower Air Cooler Rs. 10, 800/ 10 ltr capacity water tank

Rechargeable with 2 hour backup

Evaporative Technology

Available in Different Sizes and Colors

Boss KE ECM 6000 Rs. 13, 999/- It requires just 180 watts

Japanese technology

Auto Swing 15ft long throw

100% sound proof

Moveable With multi-directional wheel

OMEGA Evaporative Air Cooler Rs, 15, 000/- to Rs. 20, 000/- The bigger water tank of 15 ltr water capacity

Requires just 120 watts and UPS suitable

Dust filter and lionizer that keeps you healthy

Remote Control and LED display

One Year Free Service warranty

Sogo JPN-699 Rechargeable Rs. 15, 500/- Rechargeable with 3 to 6 hours battery backup

12v 7AH battery

Remote control function

Up and down swinging

Geepas GAC 9443 Rs. 9, 000/- to Rs. 20, 000/- Big range of Air Coolers In different colors and sizes


Remote control system

With lot of convenient features like sound proof and evaporative technology

Super Asia ECM 5000 Rs.14,000/- Stainless Steel Fans

Available In 2 Sizes

Sound Less evaporative Technology


Super Asia JC 1000 Rs. 9, 200 Jet Cool 1000 with wheel moveable Trolley

Flexible Technology on Low Voltage

It also allows you to run on UPS


NasGas Air Cooler NAC 9500 Rs. 17, 200 Unique and Stylish Design

Shock and Rust Proof

Plastic Body Weight Less

Imported Quality

Evaporation Cooling Pad


So these are the best air cooler in Pakistan 2019 with price and pictures. Hopefully, you like all and confused to choose. Here if you want to get my suggestion then you can choose the Geepas Air Cooler because it is the only company which works jus in air cooler and they have a wide range of quality, rice and designs. While if you want to go with quality and reliability then OMEGA and Orient are also the good resulting Air cooler making companies in different price ranges.

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